Contact Sales

The Sales Team’s aim is to help you choose the service that best matches your individual needs. A sales person is available to answer questions that may arise regarding: 1. Hosting – Shared Web Hosting, Virtual Private Servers (VPS) and Semi-Dedicated Hosting – options and details; 2. Domain Name Registrations – terms, regulations, and pricing; 3. SSL Certificates – help with choosing the best SSL for securing your website. Our Sales Team is reachable by email, chat, and telephone line – see detailed information below.

Email Us Your Questions

send_mailContact our Sales Department over email @ Please ask your question(s) in the most descriptive way possible so that our sales personnel can provide you with a well-considered comprehensive solution. You may ask for any technical details and parameters related to our services- Shared, Semi-Dedicated and Server Hosting, Domain Services and SSL Certificate services. If you are already a client of ours and need to ask about your payment or request any other financial information, please describe your request in a concise manner and also provide your Client ID in your message to us.

Chat with a Sales Person

chat_with_salesMarketing research shows that chatting live with a Sales Person is the way 60-70% percent of consumers prefer to ask their pre-sale questions. When you chat with a Sales Person you can ask for technical parameters and details of the services we offer. If you run into a problem that needs a quick resolution e.g. a problem or difficulty with payment, this is where you can receive timely and adequate assistance. Live chat should not be used for getting technical help on setting up your web site or using the web hosting, domain, VPS or SSL control panels.

Call Us Over the Phone

call_phoneSpeak with our Sales Department over the telephone. If you feel that you have to speak with a representative of our Sales Team, please call us at: US, New York Phone: +1 347 223 5853, UK, London Phone: +44 20 8 1234 790 and DE, Kiel Phone: +49 431 220 7240. Please note that no technical assistance is offered over the phone. If you have problems with the web hosting, domain, server or SSL, please open a trouble ticket from your Control Panel. Learn how to contact our technical support team here.