Domain Hosting

Our Domain Hosting combo is a convenient way to register a domain name and a web hosting account in one place !

This will save you the hassle of managing them separately on two different services with different companies.

Unlimited Domains

With the Max Pack Plus hosting plan you will be able to host unlimited domain name and use them for existing website or for new projects. If you do not have domain you can buy one or several from the Domain Manager section in your hosting account.

Max Pack Plus

  • Great for grown businesses
  • Unlimited websites
  • ~ 150 000 visits monthly
  • Unlimited disk space
  • 24/7 Support
  • 1 hour response time
  • Two free domains for life
  • Check full features
$ 5 . 83 $ 7 . 00 5 . 49 6 . 59 /month*
$9.99$11.999.29€11.15€/month 42%41% OFF


Manage your domain hosting package from an easy to use in-house control panel.


Unlimited Subdomains

As the domains, we are offering unlimited number of subdomains which you can use for additional pages for your current website such as blog, forum, gallery etc. Even you can create subdomains without domain because we have our own extensions which you can use for your subdomains.

With the plan shown on this page and every higher tier package you get a free domain for life. Basically it’s just the price of the hosting you are paying and the domain name comes as a bonus.

Money-Back Guarantee

Our service is completely risk-free, with our 30 days unquestionable money-back guarantee.


Amazingly Fast Support

It says it all - 1 hour resp. time. Support staff is ready to answer and will have a solution to your problem not later than 1 hour.

Data Backup

There's no danger of data loss with our automatic backup system performing frequent backups.