Transfer Domain

What is a domain name transfer and how to transfer a domain?

what is domain name transferA domain name transfer is the process of changing the registrar of a domain name. A domain name registrar is a company accredited to manage reservations/transfers of Internet domain names observing some guidelines and rules.

In short a domain name transfer happens when the company that you registered the domain name with, gets changed while the owner of the domain name (you) stays the same. The only person who may initiate and finish a domain name transfer is the sole owner of the domain name. Read below how to transfer domain name.

Why people transfer their domains?

why_transfer_domainWhat are the reasons driving people to transfer their domain names from one company (registrar) to another?

One of the most common motives is that they are not satisfied with their current company’s customer service. Another thing that often happens when changing the hosting provider is wanting to transfer your domain to your new web hosting company. The main reason behind this decision is to have your web presence died to one single company.

Transfer your domain – what are the benefits?


  • Domain Control Panel
  • 1 Year Domain Renewal
  • One Company in Charge
  • Full DNS Control
  • Full WHOIS Control
  • EPP Key Control
  • Domain Locking Control
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Domain Sub-Accounts

How to transfer domain name

how to transfer domain

  • Domain transfer is possible ONLY if you own this domain
  • The domain must be registered and not expired
  • The domain must be at least 60 days old
  • The domain must be with OK status (Unlocked)
  • The EPP key from the current registrar is needed to start domain transfer

Step-by-step of how to transfer domain


Transfers of .com, .net, .org, .us, .info, .biz domains are FREE with the purchase of a paid hosting plan. Transfer FREE your domain name by purchasing a paid hosting plan from here.


Transfers of,, .eu, .ca, .de, .tv, .me, .mobi, .cc, .tw, .co, .in domains are available as an add-on ONLY from an already existing Web Hosting / Domain Control Panel, New Domains & Services menu.

TLD ?  This is the maximum period domain name can be registered at once.  Registration Period ?  Indicates the domain registration price per year.  Price per year ?  Indicates if TLD is offered free within the price of a paid web hosting plan.  FREE with hosting plan
.com 1-10 years Yes
.net 1-10 years Yes
.org 1-10 years Yes
.biz 1-10 years Yes
.info 1-10 years Yes
.us 1-10 years Yes
.uk 1-10 years No 1-10 years No 1-10 years No
.me 1-10 years No
.eu 1-10 years No
.ca 1-10 years No
.de 1-10 years No
.tv 1-10 years No
.mobi 1-10 years No
.cc 1-10 years No
.tw 1-10 years No
.co 1-5 years No
.in 1-10 years No