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How to manage DNS records?

DNS management is not available for all hosting plans, so please verify that your plan supports this service.

You can manage A, CNAME, MX, TXT (SPF) and SOA records of your domain only if you have hosted your domain name into your hosting account by assigning the necessary NS records (How to change the name server (NS) records of my domain?). Once your domain is replicated in our system, you can change the DNS records through the Control Panel -> Hosting -> Tools -> Website Manager -> Domain Manager -> click “Settings” for your domain -> select the “DNS” tab and there you can edit the DNS records for your domain.

Do not change any of the DNS records unless you are absolutely sure and know what you are doing.

In case the DNS settings for any of your hostnames are improperly configured, you can always use the “Restore DNS Defaults” button to set the default DNS values for the selected hostname.