Main Topics:


Adjust the web server's behavior to your liking. In this section, you will learn how to use .htaccess files that are able to send directives right to the server that powers your website. Want to force a secure HTTPS connection or redirect a webpage to its new URL? You can out how to accomplish these tasks and more right here.


Find out how to set up an email address and fix common issues such as the inability to send or receive emails.


Find out what an FTP client is, how and when to use it, how to fix the most common FTP errors, and how to properly adjust your FTP connection settings.


Learn how to use the Database Manager to fix database errors, make backups, and create new MySQL databases for your web entities.


Miscellaneous topics, covering everything from configuring CloudFlare to deleting temporary Internet files.


Customizing your PHP settings, and updating the version of PHP that you are using, and more on how to use the PHP based hosting plan.


Learn how to enhance the protection of your web entities, what is the difference between a password-protected website and SSL encryption. Also here, you will learn how to buy domain privacy protection, what is WHOIS Privacy Protection, and so much more.


Learn what SSH is and how to use the SSH Manager to create an SSH account so you can access your server. In addition, find out how to use various applications like Terminal, FireSSH, and PuTTy for remote connections to the server.

SSL Certificates

Find out whether you need an SSL Certificate and how to set it up so that every version of your website address (i.e with “www” and without it) works flawlessly and redirects to https:// protocol.

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