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Pioneer in Reseller Hosting and Add-on Services

What is free reseller hosting and how you can be free hosting reseller.We can proudly state that we are the absolute pioneers in free reseller hosting! We let people create, without any obligations, a fully functional reseller hosting site in a few minutes. A Reseller web site can offer: Free Shared Web Hosting, Paid Shared Web Hosting, VPS Hosting, Domain Names, and SSL Certificates. The mentioned services are sold over your reseller website (store) upon your clients’ demand. You are not bound to invest a single cent upfront buying the mentioned services to resell afterwards. Your reseller website resides over a domain name chosen by you or a free subdomain of ours. It has a nice design and is branded with the name you choose on doing business as (DBA) basis, displayed on your reseller website’s pages – allowing you reseller anonymity. The process of giving proper service to your clients is entirely handled by us. Your only concern is driving traffic over your reseller website. Read more on free reseller hosting

How Reseller Hosting Works?

It is a simple business model. We offer complete solutions to create a reseller site, where we offer Free Hosting, Paid Hosting, VPS Hosting, Domains Names, and SSL Certificates under your brand. You control the prices of all services and earn the difference between the wholesale price and the one you set up. Once you bring a client, you get a profit on each order – upgrade or renewal of the aforementioned services. We are responsible for the customer care and client satisfaction from the services offered. Resellers’ commissions are paid monthly.

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No Obligation – Full Automation

Our Reseller Hosting program is free of all payment obligations! You are on the reseller track after completing a free signup at our reseller hosting site Creating a reseller store takes just a few minutes, see example store.

Full automation is our intention! Each purchase your clients make on your reseller site is automatically processed by us on your behalf. Welcome emails marked with your brand get sent out to each of your new customers. Clients can access purchased services over your reseller site. Support, sales and billing communication is sent to our staff anonymously.

Offer Free Hosting, The Modern Marketing Model

“Let’s offer something for free!” – that’s the way to attract more visitors on your site than ever before and also a central hallmark of modern marketing. We were the first to let our resellers offer Free Hosting – an innovation that makes us pioneers in providing reseller hosting that works. Become a free reseller and offer the best free hosting reseller experience that you can manage.

Private Label and Branding Options

Private label is the successful look and feel of your reseller site as a self-dependent web hosting business. That is why your site’s name or DBA (doing business as) is displayed on your site’s pages like: payment pages, thank you (after purchase) pages, terms, privacy, welcome emails, etc. The final branding option is a Private DNS Cluster service.

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