If you need freedom and independent resources forget about Semi-Dedicated Hosting and try VPS Hosting

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VPS vs. Semi-Dedicated Hosting

Semi-dedicated hosting is great for big, demanding sites that require more resources. However, semi-dedicated has some restrictions, including dependency on the other accounts on the server, which share some resources. Also, you don’t get root access, so making your own configurations isn’t possible.

These problems are solved with Virtual Private Server hosting (VPS). It gives you full access to the software configurations and lets you install any OS on the server, reboot the server independently, upgrade easily, etc. This is recommended for advanced users that need more flexibility for their websites.


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Root access

vps hosting root accessSemi-dedicated hosting and any shared alternatives don’t provide you with access to all configurations for your server. VPS hosting, on the other hand, gives you the freedom to install any software, configure your OS, make updates, etc.


The independency of every virtual server makes VPS hosting more secure than Semi-Dedicated hosting. That’s because every VPS operates in isolation: it is customized and rebooted separately and is not affected by the performance of the other servers on the physical machine.

XEN virtualization

XEN VPS hostingXEN is a virtualization technology, which acts as a mediator between the server’s hardware and the OS. Unlike Virtuozzo Containers, the XEN Hypervisor gives you full root access, lets you install a different OS on every virtual server, and make custom settings.

Your own resources

vps hosting resourcesWhen you purchase a VPS, you will have your own fixed RAM and CPU, which aren’t shared, as they are with Semi-Dedicated plans. A VPS is the better choice if the traffic to your website is relatively constant and predictable. Still, the RAM and CPU can be upgraded.

Custom installations

vps hosting custom installationsA VPS permits custom installations and settings due to the availability of root access to the virtual machine. As a result, every VPS could have any OS installed and modified. This flexible hosting solution enables you to change all applications on your server (PHP, MySQL ,and others).

Dedicated mail server

vps hosting dedicated mail serverWith a VPS hosting plan you get a dedicated mail server with its own IP address, that protects you from getting into SPAM blacklists and having returned emails because of somebody else that is spamming on the same shared server.

More flexibility for advanced users

vps hosting flexibilityA VPS is a great solution for experienced users who want to have unrestricted control over every process on their servers. Our VPS’s use XEN virtualization technology that allows you to autonomously manage your website by giving you full root access, support for any OS, independent kernel, and all the required custom configurations.

VPS Control Panel

vps hosting control panelEven if you’re not an advanced user, you can manage your domains, emails, databases, and more from your VPS hosting account really easily. For that reason, our team has developed an in-house VPS Control Panel that has similar functionality to our Shared Hosting Control Panel. It’s especially configured to ease the management of your VPS.