Premium vs. Free Shared Hosting

Our free plan is for:

  • Small hobby / personal sites
  • Development stage / testing websites
  • Charity or low traffic non-profit sites
  • Taking a taste of our services before you buy

Our premium plans are:

  • On faster servers – greater speed
  • With more resources – greater performance
  • With less users per server
  • More secure
  • For serious/important websites
  • For business websites

Free and Paid Web Hosting Performance and Features Comparison

Features Free Hosting Paid Hosting
Server Speed - speed test Fast Up to 100% Faster
Disk Space 1 GB Unlimited
Monthly Traffic 5 GB/mo Unlimited
Domains Hosted 1 Several
File Size Limit 15 MB No Limit
SMTP Yes Yes
SITE Builder No Yes
Zacky Installer Joomla, WordPress Yes
Backups No Yes
Custom php.ini No Yes
Custom A record No Yes
Custom MX records No Yes
CNAME records No Yes
Custom 404 pages No Yes
Password Protection No Yes
Spam/Virus Protection Yes Yes
Autoresponders Yes Yes
Catch-All No Yes
Email Forwarding No Yes
PostgreSQL No Yes
PHP Version 5 5
Ruby No Yes
Python No Yes
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We strive to maintain a stable free web hosting plan, but in order to make a sustainable business model we have to put a great amount of free users per free server. Thus, free hosting accounts get less server resources than the accounts on the premium servers.

Our free web hosing plan is suitable for: small hobby websites, sites that are still in development or low traffic charity/non-profit organization sites.

If you have a business site or another website of great importance we would strongly recommend using one of our premium hosting plans. Thus your site will be placed on a premium server with much fewer users hosted on it, which is different from the free servers where free accounts are located.

Your site will have much more server resources available and will receive the highest level of performance possible.