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How to Delete WordPress Page

Sometimes you may want to delete a specific page on your WordPress website. These cases, although rare, do exist. And when you ought to do it, it is better to know how to delete the unnecessary pages on your website. […]

How to Delete WordPress Post

Although rare, there are occasions in which you may need to delete a post. Of course, the reasons may vary from not needing the post anymore to wrong timing, double posting, etc. Whatever your reasons, sooner or later, you’ll have […]

How to Create Folders in WordPress Media Library

WordPress is arguably the best CMS that exists. But it is one hundred percent the most famous. And that is quite understandable. This content management system is versatile, customizable, and while in the beginning it was created mainly for people […]

WordPress Hosting

Our WordPress hosting plan comes with the WooCommerce plugin as an optional add-on during the automatic installation process.

WordPress Hosting

How to Embed PDF in WordPress

If you’ve written an ebook for the users of your website, chances are you may also need to know how to embed PDF in WordPress. Of course, there are way more reasons to want to embed a pdf in your […]

How to Delete WordPress Account

Knowing how to delete a WordPress account is a skill that, at one time or another, will possibly prove to be valuable.  The reasons that may prompt you to delete a WordPress account are countless. Following our WordPress Tutorials, you […]

How to Set Up a WordPress Multilingual Website

Why Is It Important to Have a Multilingual Website? Making a website available in multiple languages can connect your brand with more people and attract more customers. It also gives you the opportunity to increase your revenue and to make […]

How to Add Instagram to WordPress

If your business or personal website has an Instagram account linked to it, you definitely need to know how to add Instagram to WordPress. The interconnection between those two channels of yours will easily boost the traffic of both. In […]

How to Embed a Google Form in WordPress

Polls are a great way to get to know your audience. Although there are a lot of ways to add one on your website, like installing a WordPress Plugin or by programming them with JavaScript, maybe the best one is […]

How to Add YouTube Subscribe Button in WordPress

Last week we’ve covered how to embed a Facebook video in WordPress. But even if Facebook’s video platform is on the rise, it’s not smart to forget about the giant among the video platforms. Yes, we talk about YouTube. A […]

How to Embed Facebook Video in WordPress

Facebook Live videos and the social network’s video platform are getting more popular. This is of course due to the overall popularity of videos all over the web, as well as the popularity of Facebook. If you are using Facebook’s […]

How to Make Users Register and Login from the Front-end in WordPress

Once you’ve chosen the right WordPress Hosting, and you’ve installed WordPress, you are about to create a website, a community, an experience. But there is more to WordPress than simple blog website or e-shop. You can create a real community […]

How to Add Web Push Notification to Your WordPress Website

You know it already. Everybody does. People are mobile. And they are online all the time. And they are bombarded with attention seeking information. For you to receive the attention (web traffic) you need, you have to stand out. You […]

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