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How to Delete WordPress Page

Sometimes you may want to delete a specific page on your WordPress website. These cases, although rare, do exist. And when you ought to do it, it is better to know how to delete the unnecessary pages on your website. […]

How to Delete WordPress Post

Although rare, there are occasions in which you may need to delete a post. Of course, the reasons may vary from not needing the post anymore to wrong timing, double posting, etc. Whatever your reasons, sooner or later, you’ll have […]

How to Create Folders in WordPress Media Library

WordPress is arguably the best CMS that exists. But it is one hundred percent the most famous. And that is quite understandable. This content management system is versatile, customizable, and while in the beginning it was created mainly for people […]

WordPress Hosting

Our WordPress hosting plan comes with the WooCommerce plugin as an optional add-on during the automatic installation process.

WordPress Hosting

How to Add Facebook Like Box to Your WordPress Website

Lately, we’ve covered how to add Facebook like button to your WordPress website. Getting likes on your posts could lead to more likes and shares. Meaning, more traffic to your site. But what about your website’s Facebook page? How will […]

How to Create a WordPress Multisite

Last week we talked about WordPress Multisite. What is it good for, when you will need it and when you won’t. Today we’ll find out how to manually establish your first WordPress Multisite. To do so, we’ll go through a […]

How to Restore Your WordPress Website From a Backup

There are a number of reasons for why you will want or need to restore your WordPress website from a backup. Some of these reasons are positive, but most of them, sadly, are not. Your website could be hacked. And […]

How to Add Facebook Like Button to Your WordPress Website

Facebook is by far the most popular Social Media ever existed.  It’s not like there is no other Social Media in existence. Just the opposite. Still, most of the people who are online do have a Facebook Account. And a […]

How to Add a Contact Form in WordPress

There are so many things you need to think about when starting a website with WordPress. Not only you should keep the core idea in mind at all times, but you shouldn’t forget to give your users the opportunity to […]

How to Add Google Analytics to WordPress (3-Step Guide)

If you are serious about building and maintaining a website, a key part of the process would be to choose a way to track the audience of your website. Who are they? Where they come from? How much time do […]

How to Change WordPress Password

Security is a major concern on the web. So, we highly recommend choosing a password that will be difficult to guess. Of course is equally recommended for the password to be one, that you can easily remember. Still, stay away […]

How to Change Author in WordPress

In WordPress, every page and post has its author. Of course, you can tune the CMS in such a way, that the author of a post stays anonymous. On the other hand, you may want to leave it visible. As […]

How to Embed a YouTube Video in WordPress

Content is king!  You probably already know that. Maybe you have had a YouTube channel way before you created your website. Or, maybe, it’s just the opposite – you started a youtube channel in order to support and mature the […]

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