In this article, we’re going to explain the difference between domain registration, domain transfer and hosting a website.

What is a Domain Name and How to Get One?

For those who are new to web hosting and don’t have any clue – a domain name is what people enter in their browser’s address bar to view a specific web page.

For example, if you’d like to check your Gmail account and do not have a configured email application on your tablet or mobile device, you would have to go to and enter your credentials. In this case, is the name of the domain.

There are three types of domain names currently offered by Awardspace:

  • TLD’s (top-level domains) – TLD’s have the following extensions – .com, .org, .info, .biz, or .net. Prices starting at $14.95/year.
  • CcLD’s (country-code level domains) – .uk,,, .be, .de and so on. Prices starting at $7.99/year.
  • Free names – this type of domain has no expiration date and is free of charge.

Registering a Domain Name

Our Control Panel allows you to quickly and easily register a domain name.

To obtain a name for your website, you would have to log into your Awardspace account and visit your Control Panel’s Domain Manager.

When on the Domain Manager page, you will see various options, such as Register a Domain, Transfer a Domain, Register a Free Domain.

To register a TLD/CcLD, select option number 1 – Register a Domain.

domain registration 1

If you’re looking for a free domain name, please select the option Register a Free Domain.

domain registration 2

What is a Domain Transfer and How to Transfer an Existing Domain to Awardspace?

Domain transfer is the process of transferring a domain name from one registrar to another.

It is worth mentioning that when switching registrars, your website files, MySQL databases are not automatically transferred to the new host.

How to Transfer My Domain Registration?

Transferring a domain registration consists of the following 3 steps:

Step #1: Placing a domain transfer order

To place a transfer order:

  • Sign in to your Awardspace account and visit your Domain Manager page.
  • Open the Transfer Domain tab and enter the name of your domain.

domain transfer 1

  • On the next page, you will see a message saying Transfer if you own the domain.
  • Mark the checkbox next to it and press Continue.

domain transfer 2

  • Confirm your contact details and click Continue.
  • You will then be taken to the checkout page where you can submit your payment details and finalize your purchase.

Once your payment has been successfully confirmed, you will receive an email from our Sales team with detailed instructions on how to transfer your domain registration to Awardspace.

Step #2: Unlocking the domain and obtaining the EPP key for it

Log into your registrar‘s website and perform the following actions:

  • Unlock your domain;
  • Disable your whois service (if any);
  • Obtain your EPP key (also known as an authorization code).

Once you have the code, please send it to our Sales team via e-mail or by submitting a support ticket from your web hosting account, and we will initiate the transfer.

Step #3: Confirming/approving the transfer

Completing a domain transfer is done via e-mail.

To complete a transfer, click on the confirmation link inside your approval email, which will be sent from info[@]transfer-approval[.]com.

Once confirmed, it will take approximately 3-5 days for the losing registrar to release the domain.

How to Host a Website?

Hosting a website is the process of pointing a domain name from one host to another.

Note: Switching hosting providers do not involve a change in the registrar.

Here’s how you can easily host a domain name in your Awardspace account:

  • Log into your Awardspace Control Panel and visit your Domain Manager page.
  • Open the Host a Domain tab.

domain hosting 1

  • Enter your domain and press Host Domain
  • Log into the Control Panel provided by your domain registrar and configure the following Name Servers for your domain:


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