Everything You Need to Know for an ‘About us’ Page!

About us is not about you, it’s about them!And if you yet don’t understand this sentence, then get ready to dive with me into the depth of it into figuring out what it means. I promise it’s worth understanding it and getting ready for your own page to win people over...

Does my Website Need a Blog Page? Why and What to Include.

Making a website from scratch has developed through the years in many ways and has evolved to a matter where its necessary to have in mind a lot of considerations. At first, people created websites to share with people what their business is about. They didn’t have to...

What to Include in Your Website Home Page?

Building a website from scratch is time-consuming and it requires investing thoughts and considerations before all. There are important decisions to be made and choosing might just be your main activity. The most important part of a website is its home page. If you...

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