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This is Who We Are.

The Free Web Hosting Pioneer.

Our Values

This is What We Stand For.

We’ve started AwardSpace in the year 2003. Although back then there were free services, none of them was anything like what AwardSpace was and still is.

No one was offering a truly free hosting service, that gives you – the customer – the freedom to create whatever, and whenever you might wish to.

Since the 2003 AwardSpace is trying to achieve one thing, and one thing only. To give everyone the opportunity to create a website, and to be online.

We believe that everyone has the right to get their voice heard, and their opinion taken into account.

Everyone’s idea deserves the fair estimation of people all around the world. And if your website gets the attention you are hoping for, more power to you.

This is what we stand for.

This is what AwardSpace is.

This is where ideas turn into websites.

Let’s Get to Know Each Other

About AwardSpace.

Short History

Learn what made us who we are.

Company Office

Our main office is located in a country, which leads the economy of the whole EU.

Data Center

Our data center is in a state with top-notch internet speed.


We are sure in the abilties of our team and servers. So much so, that we promise you a 30-day money back guarantee.


Learn why AwardSpace is a leader in the hosting industry.

Reviews and awards

Find out what other people, and websites think of our service.

Since 2003

New website design and purposive services

A brand new website was launched. Yet, AwardSpace still stands behind its core values.  We are striving to be a reliable partner to you – our customers. We’ve introduced purposeful services like WordPress Hosting, and of course the complimentary WordPress tutorials. We aim to preserve our image of a reliable partner in…Read More

Free Hosting Improved Parameters

In all our efforts in the past 10 years we’ve been committed to encouraging the entrepreneurial spirit in people, both in our employees and our clients. While our free hosting helped over one million people around the world to start their online presence with no investment, as of today we…Read More

Control Panel New Version

All Hosting services are now managed by a new version of the Control Panel. The new release aims to simplify the user interface, add functionality and create a better user experience. The main changes in this new version are mainly in the new Domain Manager section, which combines the old…Read More

Semi-Dedicated Hosting Launch

Offering services ranging from free hosting to a VPS Server we felt that there is a missing link between shared premium hosting plans and Virtual Servers. While the first is suitable for sites with low to middle volumes of traffic and modest overall load, VPSs are quite sophisticated and sometimes…Read More

VPS Hosting Launch

Virtual Private Servers, also called VPS Hosting are available on Awardspace since 2009. Our VPSs are powered by the XEN virtualization technology – each server has its own OS and ability to be rebooted and customized according to the preferences of every specific client. Our VPSs are equipped with our…Read More

Zacky Tools – Automated Script Installer

Around 2005 – 2006, Content Management Systems (a.k.a. CMSs) comprised 99% of the hosted websites on our servers. Content Management Systems like Joomla and WordPress were becoming more commonly used for managing newsletters, digital marketing tools, online shopping carts etc. All these systems needed hosting to become live but it…Read More

ResellerCluster.com was born – Free Reseller Hosting Program

When we were creating the concept of ResellerCluster, we wanted the program to offer a complete solution for everybody to start a hosting company. The target group of resellers was all webmasters or other online geeks that can build traffic to their reseller website or already have a brand and…Read More

Free Reseller Hosting Services

Pioneering in the free web hosting segment is an incredible opportunity as it comes with a great community of webmasters sharing their thoughts, stories and recommendations. Having to consider how we would evolve in the future we knew that Awardspace had to have a reseller hosting service. Conventional reseller hosting…Read More

Premium Web Hosting Services

Being in the position of one of the top 10 free web hosting providers in the world is wonderful and at the same time a great commitment to our users and their needs. Free web hosting was a fabulous opportunity for everybody to start their online presence, however was insufficient…Read More

Awardspace.com was born – free LAMP hosting

AWARDSPACE.COM was launched providing free LAMP hosting without banner ads injection on users’ pages. The demand for such service was immense and it became byword for providing free php and MySQL hosting with no banners and no expiration date. The company was founded by pooling together the extensive expertise and…Read More

The whole story began in 2003

The idea about offering free LAMP hosting (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) started back in 2003. The opportunity was seized by the Awardspace CEO, who was by that time running one of the first pure html free hosting companies. Free HTML hosting companies were just a few (this was the so…Read More

Let’s Meet

Company Office.




Germany, Schauenburgerstr. 116, 24118, Kiel


+49 431 2207240

What we Are Working With

Data Center.

Facility Technical Parameters

ISO:9001 Quality Management System
ISO:27001 Information Security System certified.
Redundant fiber optic connections with diverse physical paths
Diverse cable entries and Meet Me Rooms (MMRs)
Independent and alternative telecom and fiber providers
A, B, C and D Diesel Generator Groups
VESDA – Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus
FM200 – fire extinguishing agent
Redundant support systems
Leak Detection System
Redundant (N+1) Air Conditioning System with hot-and-cold row configuration
Completely independent (N+1) A, B, C, D, E and F UPS 220V AC power feeds
Completely independent (N+1) A, B, C, D, E and F 48V DC with starting configuration of 600Amps for each
24x7x365 on-site MSC, customer access, video surveillance CCTV, Hands and Eyes Services, physical security

Strategic Location of Data Center

Our Data Center is located in Sofia, Bulgaria, Europe. The country resides in southeastern Europe and is notable for being ranked in the top 20 states with the fastest Internet speed in the world. Average connection speed peaks at 50 Mbit/s surpassing tech-savvy countries such as the US and UK. The data center is Telepoint and is Tier 3+ Carrier Neutral Data Center allowing us to optimize our colocation costs and provide free and premium hosting at a fraction of the price compared to other providers.

Clustered Hosting Platform

Our clustered hosting platform combines the extensive experience gained throughout the years by the mother companies that have established AWARDSPACE.COM. The second-tier hosting engine was based on past know-how and additional improvements were introduced to achieve unparalleled performance. We rely on spreading the load through distributed storage system designed for excellent performance and scalability on different machines and thus ensure a smooth-running service.

Top-of-the-Line Server Hardware

Our server’s parameters are as follows, CPU Processors: Intel® Xeon® @ 2400 MHz, RAM memory: 8-64 GB, Operation System: Debian Linux. All of our servers are clustered using unified, distributed storage system designed for excellent performance, reliability and scalability to balance and withstand enormous loads.

24/7 Data Center Monitoring

Highly qualified professional technicians are monitoring the hosting platform’s performance around the clock. They handle the full spectrum of problems as they occur and act in the most efficient way possible to minimize downtime or service failures.
Our Promise to You


99.9% Uptime Guarantee

We guarantee a ninety-nine point nine percent up-time on our paid services network. A dedicated team of customer support staff and administrators are working night and day to achieve good service level.

30 Days Money-Back Guarantee

A no-questions-asked refund within the first 30 days is our commitment to our clients. If you are not satisfied with our web hosting service ask for your money back – risk free!

24/7/365 Monitoring

Round-the-clock monitoring, emergency maintenance, fast and efficient help to clients’ request, these are our customer support’s daily tasks.

100% Industry Quality

Unlikely other web hosting companies, we do not rely on third party software solutions! We develop our clustered hosting platform from start to finish. This option, when combined with our top-of-the-line hardware, achieves an unbeatable service quality.

Technology Innovation

AwardSpace has a large in-house development department, that built our hosting platform from the ground and are advancing it on a daily basis. Being close to the core and creators of our hosting system allows us to constantly deploy new and innovative technologies.

Test Hosting Free

If you are still not convinced that we are the web hosting company for you, test our services for free. Sign up for a free web hosting account with your name and email address to test our services without any obligations!

Why AwardSpace

Our Advantages.

AwardSpace’s advantages are our arguments why we think we are more competitive compared to other web hosting companies.

The following is a summary of real proving points.

Our first advantage is our FREE hosting service that comes with absolutely NO obligations. Moreover, this applies to our paid hosting as well – we offer a 30-day no-questions-asked Money-Back Guarantee in case you are not completely satisfied with our service. Besides this, our excellent network up-time and round-the-clock customer support are what please our clients.

Apart from our excellent customer service and risk-free hosting plans, we are proud to say that the entire hosting platform we run your websites on is our life’s work. Our in-house developments are our clustered hosting platform along with all user control panel interfaces (Web Hosting, Domain, SSL and Server Control Panels).

The fact that we have developed each part of the hosting system allows us to enhance it over time and maintain it quickly and efficiently – delivering better service to you – our clients.

Before you buy, you have the chance to try our free shared hosting – sign up with just your name and email address.
We offer a 30-day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee on our premium plans.
We have a dedicated team that works to achieve 99.9% Network Uptime
We provide 24/7 Technical Customer Support over ticketing system and guarantee 1 hour response time
What People Say About Us

Reviews and Awards.

AWARDSPACE.COM has won numerous awards for offering one of the best hosting services from several of the top web hosting critic sites. On this page we present all of our awards under the AWARDSPACE.COM Awards section.
Hosting.Review about AwardSpace’s free hosting

With great honor, AwardSpace receives kind words from Hosting.Review‘s passionate team. The review sums up the great advantages of the free hosting provided and evaluates it as a great one.

HostReview.com TOP 10 Readers’ Choice Award

We are proud to have received the top 10 Readers’ Choice Award 2008/2009 from HostReview. They are the leaders in the industry of ratings for Hosting companies globally.

Web Hosting Code of Conduct

It is an honor for AWARDSPACE.COM to be listed as the most trusted hosting provider on one of the biggest hosting directory sites. We meet all the requirements of hosting code of ethics.

Recommended Cheap Host Award

Webhostranking.com is an independent resource for finding the most reliable and affordable web hosting services. We are glad to receive the Recommended Cheap Host award.

Top 5 at Absolutely-free-hosting.com

Absolutely-free-hosting.com is an editorial reviews-driven web site that provides access to the best free host on the Internet.

Web Host Directory Top 3 UNIX Web Hosting Award

With over 10 years of expertise, Web Hosting Directory provides a neutral site for companies that offer hosting products, giving awards only to those that exceed the industry standard.

Top 3 Hosts at 1webhostreview.com

1webhostreview.com is an independent editorial and user review site which features many of the leading sites in the web hosting industry.

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