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Shared Hosting.

Web Hosting With Unlimited Traffic and Space

Create Your Website With Ease

Get the Best Shared Hosting Plan.


  • Great for Your First Site
  • 2 websites
  • Unlimited Disk Space
  • Unlimited Monthly Traffic
  • Free SSL & HTTPS
  • 24 х 7 Support
  • 1-hour response time

  • Order
  • Check full features
$ 0 . 25/month*
$6.99/month 96% OFF


Web Pro Plus

  • Great for Small Businesses
  • 10 websites
  • Unlimited Disk Space
  • Unlimited Monthly Traffic
  • Free SSL & HTTPS
  • 24 х 7 Support
  • 1-hour response time
  • 1 Free Domain for Life
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  • Check full features
$ 7 . 57/month*
$9.65/month 22% OFF


Max Pack Plus

  • Great for Grown Businesses
  • Unlimited websites
  • Unlimited Disk Space
  • Unlimited Monthly Traffic
  • Free SSL & HTTPS
  • 24 х 7 Support
  • 1-hour response time
  • 2 Free Domains for Life
  • Order
  • Check full features
$ 9 . 83/month*
$13.99/month 30% OFF

Direct Path to Your Website

What is Shared Hosting?

Shared Hosting service is a type of hosting service where a number of users are sharing one physical server. This gives both the users and the hosting company the advantage of lower costs.

Using such a service gives customers the benefit of accessibility of online resources. Thus, more people have a realistic opportunity to create their own website and to share their story with people all over the world.

In the Shared Hosting service, the performance resources – RAM, CPU, Apache server, MySQL server, and mail server -are shared among the users.

Thus, server expenses are also distributed equally among users.

Shared Hosting is the most affordable hosting service.

What is the difference

Shared Hosting vs. Free Hosting.

Free Hosting
Premium Shared Hosting

1 GB
Disk Space

5 GB
Monthly Traffic

2 to unlimited (depends on the plan)

2 to unlimited (depends on the plan)

e-mail accounts
1000 to unlimited (depends on the plan)

e-mail filters
2000 to unlimited (depends on the plan)


Why is it worth it

Shared Hosting Advantages.

The most significant advantage is the low price. The second great advantage is that you don’t need to perform technical maintenance on the server when running programs.

What is more, with each of our Shared Hosting plans comes an easy-to-use, web-based Control Panel. By using our Control Panel, you’ll find that uploading your site files, creating email accounts and adding a database becomes effortless.

For almost ninety percent of all websites, shared hosting is the proper solution. Shared web hosting will save you time and headaches because we are taking care of the server’s maintenance.

Higher speed

Your website will load faster.

Unlimited disk space

A lot of projects? We got you!

Unlimited traffic

No more monthly traffic caps.

Extra secure

Your website will be safer.

Less users per server

Better site performance.

Plus e-mail accounts

Extra addresses per domain.

Additional databases

A dedicated database per site.

More resources

Better server performance.

With our cheap web hosting, and the rich learning possibilities that we’ve made and are updating for you, the creation of a website is as accessible as it gets.

You can use our hosting service to learn how to use the web, or to start a full-grown online business. It is up to your preparation and expertise.

Our hosting packages are all capable of running your projects with blazing-fast loading speed, and full access to phpMyAdmin, MySQL databases, Email Accounts, website files.

Although cheap, our web servers are able to run every type of website that you might want to create. What is more, if you are not feeling ready to create your own website from scratch, you are welcome in our tutorial center. We’ve covered a wide spectrum of topics. From how to create a website with WordPress, to domain manager, and email manager.

Create your website with on a Shared hosting server.

It’s time.

Shared Hosting

Create Your Website.

What you get in short

Shared Hosting Features.

24/7 Support
15min. avg. response time
Instant account activation
Anti-virus protection
Rich Knowledge base
99.9% Uptime
1-Click CMS Installer
Weekly Backups
Anti-Spam Protection
Wide Choice of CMS's to install
Devoted web hosting provider

Why AwardSpace?

AwardSpace is the pioneer of the free web hosting industry. But being the first to do something is never enough for us. We are constantly improving our services, striving to make it easier for you, our customers, to create and maintain your own website.

Cheap Web Hosting

AwardSpace’s Shared Web Hosting service is not only working perfectly for nearly every size of website and amount of web traffic, but it is as cheap as a hosting service gets.

With the occasional price of $0.08 a month, our web hosting is arguably the best cheap web host on the web.

What is more, our service is equally suitable for stage website, or a temporary project, as it is for a real online business, that really gets traffic, and makes money for its owner.

Cheap Hosting doesn’t mean useless hosting. In our case is just the opposite.

One-click CMS installation

With every single of our web hosting packages, you’ll be able to easily install a CMS, and create a website.

The usage of Content Management System is the easiest way to create a website, specially if you follow our tutorials.

By choosing the hosting services of AwardSpace, you’ll have the opportunity to install WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, OpenCart, Prestashop, etc.

Choose whichever CMS you feel the most comfortable with and click the Install button.

You are now the proud owner of the newest website on the entire web!

Website Builder

With our web hosting plans, you get not only 1-click CMS installer but access to a great and easy to use website builder. By using our Zacky Website Builder you can build a website in under 30 minutes.

Our Site Builder has premade designs, but for those of you that want to create a unique website, you can do that!

The Zacky Website builder is available with every hosting plan.

With the Builder, you’ll still be able to easily create a website, with a visual content editor, and without using any code. You’ll get to choose from predefined stunning designs.

Unlimited Bandwidth And Usage Transparency

Once you’ve built a website, it will start getting traffic of people that want to read your articles, see your photography, or buy your products. It is highly recommended for you to monitor the amount of traffic that your website gets. Doing so will allow you to optimize the user experience on your online real estate.

AwardSpace’s custom hosting control panel has lots of features and options which will make your experience more comfortable and smoother. One of these features is a traffic statistic. By using it, you can determine how much traffic your website got in a certain period of time, and to take actions that will either make your website smaller or make it so that more people will take the actions you want them to.

Not sure?

Even More Reasons:

Need More Resources?

Shared Hosting Alternatives.

To share a server is to share system resources with other users on one physical machine and therefore every user has some restrictions on their service.

Although Shared Hostings is perfect for smaller websites if you prefer hosting that is more reliable, configurable, and not influenced by other users, you surely need a dedicated Virtual Private Server (VPS) or Semi-Dedicated Hosting.

Trusted by More Than 2.5 Million People Worldwide

Why AwardSpace?

99.9% Network Uptime

We are continuously optimizing our servers for speed and reliability. We’ve reached 99.9% average uptime.

24/7 customer support

Our customer support specialists are on standby 24/7 if you’re having trouble.

Free website builder

Every client can use our Website Builder and build the site of their dreams!

Data Backup

There’s no danger of data loss with our automatic backup system performing frequent backups.

One-Click CMS Installer

With our Zacky Installer, you are going to have your favorite CMS installed in a matter of minutes.

Free subdomains

All customers, even the free hosting subscribers, can register and use free subdomains.

Because Your Website Matters

Reliable Technical Support.

Our support team has advanced technical knowledge. We are here for you 24/7 and ready to help you even with the most advanced issues, you might have.

Communication Oriented

High Technical

Top Rated

Available 24/7

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Questions You Might Have

Free Web Hosting F.A.Q.

Our Shared Hosting Packages are able to support every type of website that you might want to create. Actually, the limits are more related to the size of the website, then they are with the technology that you use to create it.

In a word, you can create a blog, a portfolio, an eCommerce shop, as well as a social network, or a search engine.

With a shared hosting account, you’ll be able to choose from a long list of free subdomains. On top of that, with the second and the third (Web Pro Plus and Max Pack Plus) plans you get a, free forever .com domain.

Yes. Our free hosting will not only enable you to create a Joomla website at no cost, but it will also let you create a professional email.

Once you create a hosting account with AwardSpace, you’ll get access to your hosting control panel, where you can use the file manager to upload the website that files of your already existing files.

You can also use an FTP, like FileZilla to upload your website to our servers.

If you are having trouble to upload your website, you can, of course, file a ticket, and count on our support team to help you with the process.

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