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Free Web Services

How many times have you bought something you thought was worth it, but the service was not what you expected? How did you feel in that situation? Did you feel misled?

Our business’ strength is dependent on our customers experiencing satisfaction and feeling good about using our services. By being sensitive to this, we have positioned our business model to be in opposition to the generally accepted “insensitive” approach to web hosting. One way we do this is by offering free services and free hosting to our clients, so they can test out and then become convinced that we are their trusted partner for domain registration, shared hosting, VPS Hosting, and SSL certificates.

By offering free subdomain and hosting, we strive to equalize the start for everyone, so that the price of a hosting or a domain name is not a barrier but the next logical step, once your project took off.

Learn more about our free services in the boxes below.

Free Web Hosting

Zero dollar hosting! Sign up for it using just your email address and name. The free web hosting is limited in features when compared to paid hosting packages, however it is ideal for testing out our services.

You can put your web site online free of charge and free of any other obligations. It is also exactly what a newbie needs for a quick start. If you want to run a business over your web site, we offer professional paid hosting.

Free Customer Support

The Customer Support Team performs continuous monitoring and around-the-clock maintenance in order to deliver this service to you.

Paid hosting plans and their inquiries are handled with priority and utmost care until a satisfactory solution is found.

Zacky Website Builder

Zacky Website Builder is an easy-to-use free web site builder software. It is specially designed to be accessible for the novice and flexible for the expert. Building a website with the Zacky Website Builder does not require technical knowledge and is able to create a personal or business website in four easy steps. The best part of all is that you perform further customizations using its back-end administration panel. The Zacky Website Builder is provided for free with all of our shared hosting plans, including the free hosting package.

Free Domain Name

Most professional paid hosting plans include a free domain name within the price of the plan itself.

This free domain offer is either for a domain registration or domain transfer. You have to make your choice during the initial paid web hosting order process. The free domain offer only applies to the following TLDs: .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .us.

Free Sub-Domain

A free sub-domain with the following format yourname.ourdomain.com gives users of the free web hosting plan a convenient way of accessing their websites without spending a dime.

This option is your free of charge chance to get your web site online on a good-looking URL. A free sub-domain is created based on availability from within your free web hosting control panel, in the Domain Manager menu.

Zacky App Installer

Zacky App Installer is a FREE software application installer that you get with every paid hosting plan. It supports popular software applications like: CMS, Blogs, Discussion Boards, Free Website Builder, eCommerce Solutions.

Our free users can also use Zacky App Installer and they install the most popular CMS in the world – WordPress and Joomla within 5 minutes.

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