Our Web Hosting Services

Shared Hosting

Imagine you’re using public transport. You’re sharing it with other people (websites) and it’s cheaper than driving your own car (server), while having all needed hosting resources.

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Semi Dedicated

This is the equivalent of a spacey city loft. You’re still sharing the building (server) with other people (websites) but it’s much roomier and you own more web hosting resources.

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VPS Cloud Hosting

A housing complex where you own your house (virtual server) together with the other residents of the complex (physical server), having as much web hosting resources as you want.

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Free Hosting

It’s amazing what you can do for free! Install WordPress easily, even if you’ve never done it before. The free hosting plan is just right for a small personal website or blog.



WordPress Hosting

Make your WordPress website fly with our carefully designed hosting service, tailored with WordPress in mind. Speed, security and unique WordPress tutorials.

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Reseller Hosting

You’re the property owner and you’re renting out appartments (hosting plans) you own to tenants (hosting clients) which pay you a fee each month.

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Additional Services


Get the domain name you want for your website, or transfer it from another host. We offer all major domain name extensions – .com, .net, .org, .co.uk, as well as the free .dx.am domain name extension.

SSL Certificates


Easily secure your website and online payment pages with one of our GeoTrust SSL certificates. We offer various SSLs with different levels of protection to fit all possible types of websites and budgets.

Affiliate Program

Become an affiliate and enjoy some of the haighest payouts in the industry, as well as a personal affiliate manager that can help you get the maximum earnings from your website traffic.