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What Is the Web Hosting Affiliate Program? is offering you a share revenue program. With our web hosting affiliate program, you just need to put a banner/link of our web site to your site and refer clients to us. We handle the sales and the support, and you get your commission.

What is better than offering a great service to those who visit your website and making a substantial sum while doing so? This is a real opportunity to earn money online without investment. You only send visitors to us, we’ll do the rest.

What Do I Get?

By driving customers to sign up at AwardSpace, you will receive an affiliate commission based on the number of sold plans:
– 1+ free sign-ups per month – $0.10 for each registration
– 1-2 sales per month – $60 for each sale
– 3+ sales per month – $110 for each sale


Affiliate Control Panel Features

– Receive all the technical and billing support you need
– View payments by sign-up
– Download your personalized tracking code
– Track your commission payouts

When Do I Get Paid?

Affiliate commissions are issued and paid on a net-60 basis, between the 20-30th day of the month (for instance, the commission for August is paid between the 20-30th of October). If the selected payment method is a bank wire transfer, $30 will be deducted from each payment to cover the associated bank fees and charges. Web hosting affiliate program commissions are issued and paid if over $100.

How Do I Get Paid?

There are four different payment methods through which you can get paid: PayPal, Moneybookers, bank transfer, and paper cheque . Please make sure that you provide us with correct payment details, so we can pay out your commissions in a timely manner.

What are affiliate points?

Every time when you refer a paid client to us you get a certain amount of affiliate points. Each affiliate point is equal to $1 in commissions for you. For example if you earn $100 commission you get 100 affiliate points for the web hosting affiliate program.

How Can I use my affiliate points?

You have two options: either to cash your points out, and we will send you the payment through the preferred payment method or to choose from a list of products, which you can buy from us using these affiliate points rather than your hard-earned money. For those who are willing to buy with affiliate points, a great discount of 50% on every web hosting plan purchase is available upon request.

What are Affiliate Banners?

These are graphical banners and text links that you put on your site in order to refer clients to us. You can put a suffix on every banner that you use, so you can easily track which banners get you the most sales. The suffix is an optional code it could be a word, number or just random symbols through which you can name your web hosting affiliate program banners and monitor their performance.

Earn up to $110 per sale and 10 cents for a free signup

Start to earn money online without investment by referring customers with one of the best affiliate programs available. You can receive up to $699 per hosting plan or VPS sale. Even better – if your visitors sign up for our free services we will still pay you up to 25 cents per active signup.

Our web hosting affiliate program conversion rates are among the best in the industry. Why? Because you do not lose from visitors that do not buy anything, you still get paid up to 25 cents per free signup. Furthermore when any of your referred free users upgrades to a paid hosting plan you will receive a commission for that too.

Let the Numbers Speak for Themself:

Free Sign Ups:

  • 1 – 100/day free sign ups – $0,10 each
  • 100 – 500/day free sign ups – $0,15 each
  • 500 – 1000/day free sign ups – $0,20 each
  • more then 1000/day free sign ups – $0,25 each

Paid Sign Ups:

  • 100% of the sale
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The Math is Easy:

If you have a site with premium hosting related traffic and you refer 30 customers per month that sign up for the Basic Hosting plan, this makes: 30x$35.88 = $1076.40/month commission (only one sale per day). You could earn up to $699 per sale from our more expensive premium plans, so a four figure income per day is quite possible.

If you have a site with free hosting related traffic, and you refer 1000 users/day to sign up for a free account this is $250/day or $7500/month!

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is a practice that is widely used by Internet-centric companies and is a good way to earn money online without investment. The Affiliate (this is usually a web site) refers a client (through a banner on that web site) to a business entity/a Seller (on its web site). When the referred person buys a product or service from the Seller, the Affiliate is rewarded with a commission.

How do you track affiliate sales?

Sales and free sign-ups are tracked by setting a 10-year cookie in the referred visitor’s browser. By doing so, we track clients who don’t perform the desired action immediately, but return and do so at a later stage. We also provide IP tracking, which helps to further ensure that those you refer are tagged with your details.

The more visitors you refer – the more commissions you get. You’ll be hard pressed to find another company that values its affiliates this much.