A Getting Started Guide

Welcome to AwardSpace! In this section of the knowledge base, you'll find out how to sign up for AwardSpace's free hosting service, get a domain name, and quickly build your first website. Furthermore, we'll show you how to maintain, secure, and improve your new web entity.

Control Panel

AwardSpace's hosting control panel, thoroughly explained and fully detailed. Find out more about the main and secondary sections in our proprietary control panel, so you can take full advantage of your hosting account with us.

General Information

Find the answer to common questions, related to the usage of a hosting service. This section consists mainly of short tutorials on how to use the features of your hosting account. Find out how and why you need to install an SSL Certificate, how to use .htaccess files, FTP Clients, MySQL databases, and much more. Of course, your account and website security are also covered in this section of AwardSpace's Knowledge Base.

Hosting Encyclopedia

Here, you will find a complete glossary of the terminology, that is used all over the Knowledge Base. Use this section of the Knowledge Base a reference point when in doubt about the meaning of a specific term.

Legal Compliance

From single website owners to agencies, e-commerce, and enterprise companies - everyone has to be compliant with national and international privacy laws, like the GDPR.