First things first, it is important to understand whether the browser response is “Server not found” or it forwards to the browser’s embedded search engine and the response is “No results found for…”.

If you get these types of responses and you use a domain make sure it uses the correct NS settings. NS settings are listed in your Domain Manager section under the Information tab, after you add the domain.

Next, check whether you uploaded the site to the exact folder location associated with the respective domain/subdomain. Visit your File Manager and browse in the respective folder that corresponds to the subdomain/domain and make sure site’s files have been uploaded correctly and files’ permissions are 755.

Important: If you are using the free plan and the subdomain/domain is loaded in the browser but then gets redirected to 404 error or to our utility domain/subdomain – the page you are trying to view most probably contains the abusive word, which our filtering system prevents to be displayed as part of our security measures on the free type accounts. In this case you can send us an email to or open a trouble ticket and our technical support will assist you further.

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