Main Topics:

Database Management

The Database Management section of the F.A.Q. will answer your basic database-related questions. More specifically, we will focus on practical tasks involved in managing a database.

Domain & Subdomain Management

The Domain & Subdomain Management section sets out to clear any questions that you may have about domains and subdomains. What is more, all answers are short and concise.

Email Management

The Email Management section of the F.A.Q. contains tips and tricks on how to take control of your email accounts. Every article here is a short and direct answer to a commonly asked question.

Fair Use Policies

The AwardSpace Fair-Use Policies are a set of rules that ensure the smooth operation of our services. In this section, we will explain these policies in more detail.

FTP & File Management

If you have a question regarding FTP, chances are that the FTP & File Management section has you covered. Moreover, here we will answer any questions that you have about working with files.


This section will answer all questions that you may have about the GDPR.

General Questions and Answers

The General Questions and Answers section contains answers to common hosting questions. The questions are based on a variety of topics, however, the answers are always short and to the point.

Latest Posts:

I Didn’t Receive a Welcome Email. What should I do?

If you did not receive a welcome email inside your inbox within a few minutes please check your SPAM folder as well. Although rare, it is possible that...

How to Upload a Website to Your Hosting Account?

To get started, you will probably want to upload your site and test it on a free subdomain. Please go to your control panel Domain Manager menu and...

“This domain still has no index.html page uploaded!” and How to Fix it?

The page which you see is our default index.html which is automatically added when you create or add a domain/subdomain from the Domain Manager. To...

What PHP Functions are Disabled on Free Hosting Accounts?

The following PHP functions are disabled on free accounts due to system/security reasons: allow_url_fopen fsockopen pfsockpen getrusage get_current_user...

Can I Edit my php.ini Settings and/or Switch the version of the PHP?

The PHP version can be changed on all of our hosting plans including the free one. You can make this change from the PHP Settings page inside your hosting...

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