We have already covered in our previous article how to create an email account. In this article we will take a look at the Email Alias feature in the AwardSpace control panel.

What is an Email Alias

An email alias is an additional email address for an email account. It can both send and receive emails. However, the Alias does not have a mailbox. Instead, the emails will be received in the recipient’s mailbox. You can create multiple Aliases for a single email account with different domains or even with the same domain. You can also set additional recipients, thus the Email Alias can be used for forwarding emails.

How to Create an Email Alias?

You can easily create an email alias by following the below mentioned process:

  1. Log into your AwardSpace website hosting account.
  2. Go to the Email Accounts section.
  3. Select the Create E-mail Alias tab.
  4. Choose a name for your alias.
  5. Click on the Advanced Settings link.
  6. Enter the recipient’s email address.
  7. Click Create.