Main Topics:

Account Manager

Information about how to manage your account with AwardSpace. Updating your personal information, changing your account password, and closing account are all topics covered within the Account Manager category.

Cloud Servers

Find out more about the cloud server solutions offered by AwardSpace and how to manage your cloud purchases.

Domain Manager

Domain registration and transfers are handled through the Domain Manager section of AwardSpace's proprietary control panel. Find out how to register a free subdomain, edit your DNS records, host, and unhost domains.

Email Manager

The Email Manager is the place in AwardSpace's control panel where you can create email accounts, a catch-all mailbox, and email aliases. This section covers all those topics and also includes guides on how to set up webmail and create mailing lists.

File Manager

The File Manager of AwardSpace's control panel, allows you to both upload and download files and folders, where the latter will be automatically zipped prior to downloading. What is more, learn how to use the text editor that is built right into the File Manager so you can edit the contents of the files right inside your browser window.

Website Statistics

Here, we'll show you how to find, read, and understand the statistics related to your website/s and your hosting usage. In this section of our Control Panel, you'll find Access & Error Logs, Traffic Statistics, Webalizer, and Usage Reports. Learn how to use the data they provide you with.

Zacky Tools

Zacky Installer is our proprietary software installation tool. Find out how to use it to get the software you want to run on your website. Also here, find out more about our Zacky Website Builder. All of the Zacky Tools are here to help you create the website you've always dreamed of. Here, we'll share with you step-by-step guides on how to use all of the Zacky Tools.

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