To get started, you will probably want to upload your site and test it on a free subdomain. Please go to your control panel Domain Manager menu and create a free subdomain on any of the domains you are allowed as options in the dropdown menu.

You will notice that a corresponding directory for that subdomain is automatically created for it with the path: /home/www/ and such folder is created in the File Manager.

Please make sure you upload your web data (site) to this folder. You will then be able to address your site by typing in (note “www.” won’t work for subdomains).

If you do not have an FTP client yet, we recommend you download and familiarize yourself with FileZilla. Very efficient and easy to use

To establish FTP connection, please start your FTP client, type in the login details in their respective fields

  • FTP Hostname: You can find the available hostnames for your FTP account connection via the Information tab inside the FTP Manager
  • FTP Username:You can find the FTP username inside the FTP Manager
  • FTP Password: You need the password which you have assigned for your FTP account. The password for the default (main) FTP account should be the same as the password for your hosting account if you did not change it.

If you are using a particular FTP client that also has a field input for “Remote directory”, please type in: / or /home/www/

You may find the File Manager very useful to browse over your site’s files and even edit these files.

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