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Password Protection6 min read

In this tutorial, we’re going to show you how to use the AwardSpace Password Protection tool.


What is Password Protection?


The Password Protection tool allows you to restrict access to a specific directory on your web server. When enabled, your visitors will need to enter a username and password in order to enter your web page.


How Can I Enable Password Protection for a Directory?


You can follow the following steps to protect a directory in your account with a password:


  • Log into the Hosting Control Panel of your AwardSpace account.
  • Go to the Password Protection page.
  • Specify your directory path, choose a name and password for your account.
  • Confirm your password and click Add New User.
password protection 1


Does Password Protection Work over FTP?


This type of protection works over HTTP only. Your FTP username and FTP password are required for authentication over FTP.


Does Password Protection Protect Sub-directories too (recursive protection)?


If you put protection on your directory, all files and folders inside that directory will be password-protected.


Can I Have More than One Account per Directory?


There are two ways to add an additional username:


  • By using the Add Directory Protection form. Choose the same directory path as you did for your first account, specify a new username and password for it, and click on the Add New User button.
password protection 2
  • Click on the Options icon right next to your existing account. Open the Add New User tab and fill in all the required fields in the Add User form.
password protection 3


Can I Protect Multiple Directories with a Single Account?


If you wish to protect multiple directories with a single account, use the “Add Directory Protection” form and use the same username and password for every directory that you wish to protect.

Note: We do not recommend using the same credentials for multiple password-protected directories!


What Will Happen if I Delete my Last Username for a Protected Directory?


If you happen to delete the last username of a specific protected directory, the selected directory will no longer be protected.

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