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Adjust the web server's behavior to your liking. In this section, you will learn how to use .htaccess files to send directives to the server that powers your website. Would you like to force a secure HTTPS connection or redirect a webpage to a new URL? You can find out how to accomplish such tasks right here in the .htaccess section.

.htaccess Generator

The .htaccess Generator allows you to create custom .htaccess files with just a few clicks. You can learn how to use this powerful tool by going through the guides contained within this KB section.

A Getting Started Guide

Welcome to AwardSpace! The Getting Started section of the Knowledge Base will help you begin your journey with AwardSpace. You will learn how to sign up for AwardSpace's free hosting service. Then, we will show you how to get a domain name and quickly build your first website. Lastly, we will provide you with tips on how to maintain, secure, and improve your new web entity.

Account Manager

The Account Manager section can show you how to take charge of your AwardSpace account. Here, you can find articles on topics such as changing your password and updating your contact information. In addition, we show you how to perform more advanced actions, such as closing your account and transferring it to a new owner.


Keeping a WordPress site running smoothly may not be very exciting, but it is essential for all site owners. To make the process simpler, we have created the Administration section that contains easy-to-follow guides on WordPress upkeep.

Basic Configuration

This section contains basic configuration guides for various content management systems. Every guide can help you configure a single aspect of your CMS. As a result, all guides are short and easy to follow.


In this section of AwardSpace's WordPress Tutorials, we'll cover the basics of WordPress. Learn how to use the CMS from the ground up.

Billing & Checkout

What steps do you need to take in order to get your very own hosting plan and domain name? The Billing & Checkout section will show you the easiest path to getting the best hosting plan and domain name that meet your needs.


Welcome to AwardSpace's blog! Here you can find articles on a vast number of topics. Read tutorials on how to create, manage, and market your website, so your idea can become a web success.

Business Development

If your website's goal is to create and maintain a business, this is the right place for you. In this section of our blog, you'll learn about the basics of business development and so much more.

Cloud Servers

The Cloud Servers section will show you how to properly manage your VPS instances. Here you will learn how to access and monitor your Virtual Private Server. What is more, you will find guides on many VPS-related topics, such as how to provision additional hardware resources or how to add a second IP to your VPS.


CloudFlare is a popular third-party DNS service that offers many perks to website owners. In this section, you'll find guides that will help you make the most of your CloudFlare account. We cover everything from the basics of registering on CloudFlare and adding your domain name, to more advanced topics such as DNS management through the CloudFlare panel.

CMS Configuration

The CMS Configuration section will provide you with information on how to configure your CMS so it runs optimally. What is more, we will tackle some of the most common that your Content Management System may run into.

Control Panel

The AwardSpace hosting Control Panel, thoroughly explained and fully detailed. Learn more about the main and secondary Control Panel sections. By doing so, you will be able to take full advantage of your hosting account with us.

Crontab Settings

The Crontab Settings are an advanced hosting feature that allow you to run scripts at regular intervals. We have guides that will show you how to set up this powerful feature, so that your website performs regular actions on its own.