Databases are an important part of modern websites. They store all your website data (content, users, configuration). This is why we offer databases for all hosting plans, including the free plan. In this article we will go through the process of database creation.

Creating a database on a shared plan

When using our shared hosting plans you will be able to create databases only from the Database Manager located in the Hosting Control Panel. The reason for this is due the fact that you do not have root access to the server and you would not be able to send a command to the server that would create the database for you. This means that when manually installing an application that requires a database you would also have to manually create the database from the Database Manager.

How to create a database?

To do that you would first have to navigate to the Database Manager. The Database Manager can be found inside your Hosting Control Panel under the Hosting Tools menu. Once inside the Database Manager you will be presented with two options:

  • Create MySQL Database
  • Create PostgresSQL Database

Choose the database type which your website requires. After that you will have to enter the name and the password for your database as shown in the picture below and click Create Database