Communication with our users is important which helps us improve our services and the overall experience. Allowing you to communicate with your user base through your website is also important to us. However, if you try to setup an SMTP connection on your website you might end up with your connection being blocked. In this article we will go through what is blocking the SMTP connection on your website and how to resolve it.

What are Outgoing Connections?

The outgoing connections allow your script to establish a connection to another server. For example, a WordPress website requires an outgoing connection in order to connect to WordPress servers for updates or to install plugins and themes. Outgoing connections are also required by some plugins to connect to a third-party server for them to work. The outgoing connections are also required to establish a connection to a SMTP server.

What is blocking the connection and how to fix it?

In order to prevent abuse we have outgoing connections disabled by default for all hosting plans. This prevents all scripts from establishing a connection with any server. 

To send emails via SMTP through your script it is required to have the outgoing SMTP connections enabled. Having the outgoing SMTP connections disabled will prevent your scripts from sending emails via SMTP.

Once outgoing SMTP connections are enabled you will be able to connect your script to the mail server.

How to Enable Outgoing SMTP Connections?

Outgoing connections can be enabled from the Hosting Settings inside your Hosting Control Panel. You can also check our article for the Hosting Settings section.

However, at present the Outgoing SMTP connection cannot be enabled manually by clients. If you would like to connect your script to a SMTP server you will have to submit a request to our technical support. You can submit your request either via Trouble Ticket or an email to

Be advised that outgoing connections are completely restricted on the free hosting plan. If you would like to connect your script to another server you will have to purchase one of our premium hosting plans.

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