Nowadays, webmasters are expected to secure their websites with SSL even if no sensitive information is collected and no online payments are processed. As such, we make it easy to purchase an SSL certificate and a dedicated IP for SSL for your premium shared hosting account. But what happens when your dedicated IP for SSL expires? In this article, we will examine what effects an expired IP for SSL can have on your website.

Do I Have to Own a Dedicated IP for SSL?

Yes, if you plan on getting an SSL certificate for your website, you should purchase a dedicated IP for SSL as well. The IP address is necessary for the proper installation and activation of your SSL certificate. If you are not sure how the SSL installation is carried out, you can read our guide on how to install an SSL certificate.

What Will Happen If My Dedicated IP for SSL Expires?

Your SSL certificate depends on your dedicated IP address to function properly. As such, if you forget to renew your dedicated IP for SSL, the SSL certificate that you have installed on your hosting plan will cease to work. To make matters worse, web browsers will start showing a security warning instead of your homepage.