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What you need to know:

You can point your existing domain to AwardSpace by using the Host a Domain option in our Domain Manager and then updating your nameservers. After the nameservers are updated, you may need to wait a few hours for the DNS change to fully propagate across the web.

One of the great perks that comes with having a hosting plan with AwardSpace is that you are allowed to host a domain name that you have purchased from a third party. For instance, if you own the domain example.com, you can point it to your AwardSpace hosting account. When you do so, your website will be powered by AwardSpace servers and your site visitors will be able to view the website you have uploaded to your hosting account by navigating to http://example.com/ in their web browsers.

Changing the hosting provider for a domain name happens by updating its DNS records. Your domain’s DNS records are important as they show clients like web browsers where your website is hosted. More specifically, a domain’s DNS reveals the IP address of the web server that powers the website. In that sense, DNS records are the glue that binds your domain name and hosting plan together.

The DNS records are the missing link between a domain name and its web server.
The DNS records are the missing link between a domain name and its web server.

There are two general approaches that you can take when it comes to pointing your domain to a new hosting provider: you can either update your nameservers or your A records. Both of these actions will point your domain name to AwardSpace and they both require a similar amount of effort. We will mainly focus on how to host your domain by changing your nameservers, but we will also touch upon pointing a domain using A records a bit later</