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When you decide to host your domain name with AwardSpace, we will become your new hosting provider, allowing you to power your website using our servers. In contrast, when you decide to transfer your domain name to AwardSpace, we will not only become your new hosting provider, but we will also become your new domain registrar, allowing you to make your domain renewal payments through us.

The world of web hosting, like any other professional field, uses a collection of terms that carry a very specific meaning. Unfortunately, some of these terms are based on common everyday words. As a result, people who are building their first website may inadvertently use such a term without realizing its true meaning.

One of the more commonly confused terms is domain transfer. In this article, we will examine what a domain transfer is and how it differs from the process of hosting a domain. We recommend reading the entire article, but you may also jump straight to the section that interests you:

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What Is the Point of Hosting a Domain?

Hosting your domain on your AwardSpace hosting account allows you to use our servers to power your website. In other words, after you have successfully hosted the domain, all of your website visitors will be directed to one of our AwardSpace servers in order to retrieve your website content.


To successfully host a domain with AwardSpace, you must have already bought the domain and must have control over its DNS records.

The ability to host a domain is provided free of charge and is available on all of our hosting plans, including our free website hosting package