phpPgAdmin‘s relation to PostgreSQL is the same as the one formed between phpMyAdmin and MySQL. More specifically, phpPgAdmin is a web-based software utility that allow you to manage your PostgreSQL database. The tool can be opened in a web browser as a regular page and it will work in the same manner regardless of the operating system that you are using.

As its name implies, phpPgAdmin is written using PHP and feature easy-to-use tools for administering a PostgreSQL database. If you have used phpMyAdmin in the past, then phpPgAdmin’s interface will feel familiar to you since the tool’s look and feel was inspired by phpMyAdmin in the first place.

Through phpPgAdmin, you are able to view your stored information in tabular form, create new records, edit existing ones, and delete those that you no longer need. In addition to that, you have advanced sorting and filtering features at your disposal. That said, perhaps the biggest strength of phpPgAdmin is its support for the Structured Query Language (SQL).

Thanks to its full SQL support, phpPgAdmin can be used to execute SQL queries. These queries can perform bulk edits on the stored information. They can also be used to add new information to the database. And perhaps the most versatile and widely used feature is the ability to create complex queries that are able to retrieve only the information that you are interested.

phpPgAdmin is available on all hosting plans that support PostgreSQL as a database option. More specifically, this includes most of our paid hosting plans, our Virtual Private Server instances, and our semi-dedicated servers.

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