You have created an account, registered a domain but you still don’t have a website. Although we cannot provide you with a comprehensive guide on web development, in this article we would like to actually guide you through the options and tools available in our hosting control panel for you to create your website.

Available tools

We offer a couple tools for our users to start building their website:

  1. Zacky App Installer
  2. Zacky Website Builder
  3. File Manager

Each of them is easily accessible through the Hosting Tools menu in the Hosting Control Panel.

Zacky Installer vs Website Builder vs File Manager

Let’s start with the Zacky Installer. The Zacky Installer App is a tool which will allow you to install various Content Management Systems or CMS (such as blogs, forums, online shop, galleries) automatically. A similar CMS would be WordPress. When you choose the CMS of your choice the Zacky Installer all you need to do is to enter the details for the account which you will be using to manage your CMS and within few steps the CMS will be automatically uploaded in your hosting account, a database will be created for your website and the CMS will be installed. Once your CMS is installed you are left to log in to your CMS backend and start creating your website.

Unlike the Zacky Installer which is used to install various CMS which you use to build your website, the Zacky Website Builder is an application which you can directly use to start building your website. The Website Builder offers a drag and drop interface where you simply choose the elements/tools which you would like to use and position them in your page directly with your mouse. No coding is required in order to build a website with the Zacky Website Builder.

Although the File Manager is not exactly a tool for website creation but a tool to manage your files, it can still be used to create your website. You can create with ease your html, php and css files for your website via our File Manager and you can code your website directly there. You can even upload a template and make the changes for your website directly through the File Manager. This way you can save the time of reuploading your website every time you make a change on your device.

How to use the Zacky Installer?

Installing a CMS manually could some time be very overwhelming. The Zacky Installer can install various CMS for you just with a few small steps. Here is what you need to do:

  1. Log in to your hosting control panel
  2. Navigate to the Zacky Installer
  3. Click on Browse and install Apps