Nowadays, it is almost impossible to run a successful website without securing it with SSL. When you buy an SSL certificate, you will gain several benefits, chief among them being the ability to enable HTTPS. You will also be increasing your visitors’ trust in your site and you may even start ranking better in search results!

To top it all off, these days it is easier to get an SSL than ever before. And if you are on a tight budget or you are just starting your website, you can save money by taking advantage of a completely free SSL certificate.

In this article, we will briefly list the most important reasons you should consider buying an SSL. We will then proceed to show you how to get an SSL certificate on our hosting platform. You can read the entire article if you wish, or you can jump to the section that interests you:

Why Do I Need to Get an SSL Certificate?

Getting an SSL certificate will have a positive effect on your website thanks to several important SSL features. These are:

  • data encryption which ensures that all information between your site and your visitors is transmitted in a secure manner.
  • better search ranking in major search engines like Google.
  • accepting online payments on your site using credit and debit cards as well as other payment methods.
  • increased user trust makes your visitors more comfortable when it comes to sharing personal or sensitive information.
  • proof of legitimacy showing that your website is authentic and not a scam or a phishing attempt.
  • enhanced brand recognition that sets your site apart from competitors with less secure websites.