Domain hosting is the process of pointing and adding the domain to the server of your hosting provider. Without pointing and adding the domain to the server you would not be able to use your domain with AwardSpace. In this article we will cover the reason for which your domain is not working after you have hosted it in your account.

How to Host your Domain?

We have gone through the steps in details for hosting your domain with us in detail in our article here. To summarize you need to:

  1. Access the Domain Manager from the Hosting Control Panel
  2. Choose the Host a Domain option
  3. Enter your domain name
  4. Update your domain DNS records

Why is My Domain not Working?

Although the process is pretty straightforward, there are few things that could be easily missed or forgotten. One of the most common reasons for which your domain is not working is if your DNS records have not been updated. If your domain is not working after you have added it to your account double check if the correct DNS records are configured. It is also important to add that changes to the DNS records do not take effect immediately. When you change any of the DNS records for your domain or the name servers it is required 4-48 hours, and sometimes even 72 hours, for the changes to take effect. If you have just added the domain to your account please allow some time for the DNS records to propagate. You can check the DNS records of your domain from our DNS lookup page.

Another thing that you might want to check is your hosting plan. Is the plan which you are currently using active? The best way to check this is to access the File Manager. If the hosting plan is not active the File Manager will show a blank page. In that case you should simply go to the renew services page and renew your hosting plan.

And last but not least, verify that your domain is registered. It is common to host a domain right just when it expires. Just go ahead and renew your domain. If the domain is registered, your hosting plan is active and the domain is pointed to us for more than 72 hours you can contact our technical support for further assistance.

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