To forward an email which is sent to your email account created in your hosting account you must create a forwarding email filter.

To enable e-mail filtering for the incoming messages of an e-mail you must use the “Create Email Filter” menu or you can select “Options” for your email account, then go to “Filters” tab and enter the following details:

    Filter Name: Type a short explanation for this filter, i.e. for e-mail forwarding set “Forward to”

    Filter Priority: Select “Highest” or “Lowest” priority of the filter depending on its importance of execution, i.e. for email forwarding set “Highest”.

    Filter Criteria: Select a condition to trigger the filter, i.e. for e-mail forwarding set “Size (bytes)” “is larger than” “1”.

    Filter Action: Select what action will be applied when the “Filter Criteria” is met, i.e. for email forwarding select “Forward message to” and enter the email address where the message will be forwarded to.

    Continue Filtering?: When enabled, the e-mail filtering system will process the next filter with a lower priority from the current one. If there are no more filters, the message will be processed as a regular email and will be saved in Inbox. For example for email forwarding, if you wish to save a copy of the forwarded message at your Inbox, select “Yes”, if you wish to forward the message and no copies to be saved in your email account, select “No”.

Click on “Add Filter” and the filter will be applied for your email account.

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