You need to create a SSH account from your Control Panel > Hosting Tools > SSH Manager section.

Your database backup/dump can be imported using your configured SSH account by executing the following command through SSH:

mysql -h [DB HOSTNAME] -u [DB USERNAME] -p[DB PASSWORD] [DB NAME] < /home/www/database.sql

All the database settings – [DB HOST], [DB USER], [DB PASS] and [DB NAME] should be written exactly as they are displayed in your Hosting Control Panel > Database Manager section.

The dump file should be uploaded into your hosting account and the path /home/www/database.sql may vary depending on the place you uploaded the dump of your database. For example if you have uploaded your MySQL dump file at /home/www/yourdomain.ext/backups/database.sql you should edit the command to look like this:

mysql -h [DB HOSTNAME] -u [DB USERNAME] -p[DB PASSWORD] [DB NAME] < /home/www/yourdomain.ext/backups/database.sql

Note: You should make some slight modifications to your database.sql file prior to the import. You need to remove the CREATE DATABASE and USE commands at the first lines of your database.sql file. The lines in question are shown below:


−− USE username_db;

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