phpMyAdmin is a utility that is used to manage and administer MySQL and MariaDB databases. This tool can be downloaded from the phpMyAdmin website directly and also comes preinstalled on all of our shared hosting plans which includes our free hosting plan and our premium hosting packages. The thing that makes phpMyAdmin great is that a single phpMyAdmin instance can be used to manage multiple databases at the same time. The utility was originally developed by Tobias Ratschiller and was later uploaded on GitHub.

What Differentiates phpMyAdmin From Other Database Management Systems?

phpMyAdmin is often preferred over other competing database administering tools for the following reasons:

  • phpMyAdmin has a simple and easy-to-use graphical user interface (GUI) that makes it easy to create, update, delete, and manipulate the information stored within the database. It also support complex operations thanks to its full SQL query support.
  • Perhaps the biggest advantage of phpMyAdmin is that it works in a web browser. As such, it will look and function in the same way regardless of the operating system that is used to access it.
  • phpMyAdmin also has great export capabilities as it allows you to download information from the database in a variety of popular formats. The most notable formats are CVS, CSQL, Excel, XML, PDF, Word, and many others.
  • Unlike other database management systems, phpMyAdmin fully supports multiple storage engines. Moreover, it allows you to easily change the storage engine used for a particular table in your database or for your entire database as a whole.
  • When creating or editing rows and columns, you are given the option to adjust a multitude of options such as the table name, table type, field length, values, attributes, indexes, comments, etc.

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