In this tutorial, we will walk you through the process of setting up a CloudFlare account and add a domain name to it.

The configuration process is very straightforward and easy to follow. In order to set up a domain to work with CloudFlare, please follow these simple steps:

Step #1: Set Up a CloudFlare Account

    1. Launch your favorite web browser and visit CloudFlare’s Sign Up page.
    2. Fill in the Email and Password fields and press Create Account.

cloudflare 1

Note: If you would like to receive e-mail notifications and updates from Cloudflare, tick the check box that says I would like to receive occasional email updates and special offers for Cloudflare products, services, and events.

    1. After submitting the form, you will receive a verification letter through which you can verify your e-mail address and activate your CloudFlare account.

cloudflare 2

Step #2: Add a Domain to Your CloudFlare Account

Once your CloudFlare account has been activated, you will be prompted to add a domain to your Control Panel.

    1. Once in the dashboard, you will notice a message saying You currently don’t have any websites. Click the + Add a Site button to proceed.

cloudflare 3

    1. A new window will appear asking you to enter the URL (web address) of your existing site. Type your domain name and press Add Site.

cloudflare 4

    1. CloudFlare will look up your existing DNS records. While waiting for their system to query your DNS server, click Next to select a suitable plan for your website.