To get a website running, you need two things – a domain/subdomain name and a web hosting account. The domain/subdomain name is the name of your website, which people will use to access over the web. The web hosting account is where your website files will be located and associated with the domain/subdomain name that you created.

  1. You have few options concerning the domain/subdomain:
    Use a domain that you already own.
    Register a new domain.
    Register a new subdomain.
  2. After registering/hosting your domain/subdomain, the next step will be to actually start building your website. You can do this in a couple of ways:
    Use your own scripting skills to create your own website files.
    – Use Content Management Systems, blogs, forums, online shops, and galleries, like Joomla, WordPress, Concrete5, ZenPhoto, etc. (Easy installation for multiple CMS are available through the control panel.)
    – Use a website building program or software, the so-called WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) website builders. (Easy installation of website building software is available through the control panel.)
  3. Now that your site is created, you need to spread the word and enjoy your masterpiece.

If you need more information, here is an article on how to create a website.

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