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Getting Started

Main Topics:

First Steps

Learn the basics of web hosting and take the first steps towards becoming a website owner. In this section, you will gain the fundamental knowledge that is needed to get a website up and running.

Latest Posts:

How Do I Redirect HTTP Traffic to HTTPS?

Thanks to free and low-cost SSL certificates, the use of HTTPS has skyrocketed in recent years. By choosing to redirect all HTTP traffic to HTTPS, website...

What Is the Difference Between Transferring and Hosting a Domain?

What you need to know: When you decide to host your domain name with AwardSpace, we will become your new hosting provider, allowing you to power your...

How Can I Secure My AwardSpace Hosting Account?

What you need to know: The most important thing you need to do in order to secure your AwardSpace hosting account is to make sure that you are using...

How to change/reset your hosting account password?

Having a strong password is crucial for the security of every account. A good rule to follow is having a unique password for different accounts (Hosting...

How can I access and log into phpMyAdmin?

The database has become a vital part of modern websites. Many content management systems are also using the database to store its content there. We...

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