In this tutorial, we’re going to review the Account Information section in the AwardSpace Control Panel.

How Do I Access the Account Information Page?

If you ever need to make changes to your hosting account’s contact details or transfer the ownership of your account to a third-party person, you’re welcome to use the Account Manager page to update your contact information.

You can follow these simple steps to access your Hosting Control Panel’s Account Manager:

    1. Log into your AwardSpace account through our main web portal.
    2. Open your dashboard.
    3. Locate the Account Manager pane.

account information 1 2

  1. Click on the account information 0 icon.

What Information Am I Able to Access and Edit Under Account Information?

The Account Information section allows you to modify your hosting account’s contact details, as well as to change your Hosting Control Panel’s password.

In order to update your contact information:

    1. Visit the Account Manager page, as described above.
    2. Open the Account Information tab.
    3. Make the desired changes to your account.

account information 1

  1. Enter your AwardSpace account password.
  2. Press Change Information to submit your changes.

You are able to change any of the following contact details that we keep for you:

  • company
  • profession (occupation)
  • first and last name
  • address
  • telephone number
  • country
  • email

To change the password for your AwardSpace web hosting account:

    1. Open the Change Password tab.
    2. Enter your current password in the Current Password field.
    3. Choose a new passcode for your account.

account information 2

  1. Confirm your new password and press Change Password.

Can I Change my Client ID Number?

The client ID is a unique identification number for your account and cannot be changed.

Am I Allowed to Use Special Characters in my Account Details?

Our system supports UFT-8 characters only, so please avoid the use of special characters.

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