Emails are an important part of every web hosting. This is why we provide mail services for all hosting plans. However, in order to prevent our mail services from being abused we have some restrictions. In this article we will go through the error “Message count quota exceeded” that is caused by one of these restrictions.

What is causing the error?

In order to prevent abuse one of the restrictions we have is to limit the amount of messages our users can send and receive. 

  • The free hosting plan is limited to send 31 e-mails and receive up to 3000 e-mails each month.  
  • Our shared hosting plans are limited to sending and receiving over 50 emails in 2 minutes,over 150 emails in one hour, over 1000 emails in one day.
  • Our semi-dedicated plans are limited to over 200 emails in one hour and over 2000 emails in one day

Receiving the error “Message count quota exceeded” means that you have reached this limit. The limit is often reached if the users have an email account that is used for marketing or if they have a compromised email or contact form that is used to send SPAM.

How to solve the error?

When it comes to solving the error there are few solutions which we can give you depending on the reason for which you have reached the above limitation. We will go through them one by one.

If you are manually sending these emails or you are sending marketing emails you will have to reduce the amount of emails which you send. You can also upgrade to a better plan which has a bigger limit. 

If you are not sending a lot of emails then you most likely have an unprotected contact form or a compromised email. Our recommendation is to add anti-spam protection such as Google reCaptcha to all your contact forms. If all contact forms are protected you will have to update the password for your email accounts.

If you still keep reaching this limit you can contact our technical support via Trouble Ticket or email for further assistance.

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