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Find out what actually stands behind terms like "Free Hosting", "Shared Hosting", "VPS Cloud Hosting", and "Semi-dedicated Hosting". In this section, we'll explain the meaning of the key hosting terms.

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What Causes the 403 Forbidden Error in HTTP and How Can I Fix It?

The 403 Forbidden error message is an HTTP status code that can occur when a client tries to retrieve a resource from a server and the server denies...

What Is 500 Internal Server Error and How Can I Fix It?

The message 500 Internal Server Error is a popular HTTP status code that is sent by a server in response to a client’s request. If your web browser...

What Are HTTP Status Codes?

HTTP status codes, also known as HTTP response codes, are small pieces of information that a client, such as a web browser, receives from a webserver....

What Is SCP?

SCP is a protocol built on the Secure Shell (SSH) infrastructure. It allows its users to transfer/copy files from a system to a remote location securely....

What Is the Difference Between SFTP and FTPS?

Overall, the difference Between FTPS and SFTP is that FTPS (File Transfer Protocol Secure) is an extension built upon the most common and well-known...

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