You have created a free account with us, added a domain and created a website. However, one or more of your pages return a 403 error and you can find out what the problem is. In this article, we will talk about what is causing it and how to fix it.

What is causing the error?

The most common reason for the 403 error on the free plan is our content filtering. Due to a high number of abuses conducted on our free hosting servers, we have enabled automatic content filtering. This is stated in our Terms of Services as well:

5. Your responsibilities

g. YOU acknowledge and agree that based on its sole discretion might filter abusive words and/or links due to security reasons (i.e. words or links of PayPal, eBay, AOL, Amazon [not limited to]).

As such, your page is most likely containing one of the forbidden words in our list.

The second reason for having a 403 error is when the directory for your domain/subdomain is deleted.

How to fix the error if your domain/subdomain directory is deleted?

First, you will have to go to your File Manager and check if the domain/subdomain directory is there. The name of your directory should match your domain/subdomain name. If the directory is missing you have to recreate it. This can be done either through the File Manager or the Domain Manager.

If you are not sure how to work with our File Manager you can check our tutorial here.

If recreating the directory does not resolve the problem please check if the pointer for the domain/subdomain is set correctly. You can do this from the Domain Manager > Settings > Pointers and check if the Hosting Path (Local) is the correct directory and click Save Path.

How to fix the error if your page contains a forbidden string?

If you experience this issue, you must first contact ou