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What’s New in WordPress 6.0 Arturo

by | May 30, 2022

What's New in WordPress 6.0 Arturo Featured Image

What’s New in WordPress 6.0:

WordPress 6.0 “Arturo” was released on 24 May 2022 and expands Gutenberg’s full site editing capabilities. As we are moving forward to the middle of the second phase of Gutenberg’s development, the Customization Phase, we will have the opportunity to enjoy multiple great features. The new Gutenberg experience comes with a new intuitive Global Styles switcher, five new template options for block themes, UI block locking, integrated patterns, better performance, such as post-load speed, and more than 50 updates focused on the accessibility of WordPress.

WordPress 6.0 “Arturo” is here with more than 1,000 enhancements and bug fixes! The new major release brings the CMS one step closer to consolidating the already available customization tools and gives WordPress content creators better building block functionality.

The new version is named after a Grammy award-winning Afro Latin jazz pianist and composer Arturo O’Farrill. He was a sideman with another remarkable Cuban jazz pianist Bebo Valdés who inspired the developers to create WordPress “Bebo” 5.0 released in December 2018. “Bebo” was the first version that used the Gutenberg block-based editor as the main way of creating content using WordPress. Building upon this foundation, WordPress Arturo 6.0 is now adding even more user-focused features.

With enhancements in the writing and designing experiences, WordPress 6.0 comes with new full site editing capabilities that are making it easier to customize your WordPress Theme.

Let’s see what’s hiding behind those numerous enhancements and great testimonials.

WordPress 6.0 Highlights

WordPress 6.0 has significant upgrades when it comes to usability, performance, and the template browsing experience. It includes integrated patterns, new design tools, improved templates, enhanced and new blocks, new color palettes, and much more. Also, you can work across screen sizes and devices, and do more with fewer plugins!

In short, four improvements play a central role in the newest version of WordPress regarding Full Site Editing:

  • Intuitive Global Styles Switcher
  • Integrated Patterns
  • New Templates Options for Block Themes
  • The ability to export theme template files
WordPress site in black style (default)

WordPress site in black style (default)

WordPress site in red style

WordPress site in red style

Intuitive Global Styles Switcher

One of the most-awaited and coolest upgrades of WordPress is the new Style System. This is one of the Full Site Editing features which allows you to give a new look and feel to your theme with just a few clicks. Just go to Appearance > Editor > Browse Styles.

For block themes that support Global Styles, you can simultaneously change color palette, font size, and style options and switch easily between style variations within themes. It works just like a WordPress child theme with a predesigned set of styles for each one.

Updating to the latest version lets you keep your existing styles when you transform blocks from one kind to another like a Paragraph block to a Code block, for example. Also, the style will be retained and applied automatically to any new button when you create customized buttons.

Of course, the WordPress 6.0 Is here with a new version of the default theme. Twenty Twenty-Two has beautiful style combinations inspired by nature and is more flexible, lightweight, and customizable than ever.

If you consider yourself a pro then see the benefit of the new Webfonts API and make your theme unique by applying a new font family to your theme.json.

Just add a new font family to the typography section. Choose for example one of the Google Fonts and add it to the settings.typography section of Twenty Twenty-Two’s theme.json.

Tip: Try all the new features by downloading WordPress 6.0 or going to the admin area and choosing Update from the Dashboard Menu. Check out how to do it without making any mistakes in our WordPress Update tutorial!

If you don’t have your own website and you want to create a beautiful online appearance – just give it a try with our free hosting plan and start creating.

Block Patterns

Block Patterns

Integrated Block Patterns

Another important improvement that plays a central role in WordPress development is integrated block patterns. The WordPress Pattern Directory launched a year ago and allows you to add nicely designed layouts to your site just by copying and pasting without losing any content.

Block patterns are much easier to find when editing templates and the Quick inserter will show you pattern recommendations and layout options when activated at the root level.

If you want to become a pattern developer you have the chance to use the new Pattern Creator tool which allows you to create, change, and submit your work to the Pattern Directory – just go to your WordPress.org account and give it a try!

Export your theme as a zip

Export your theme as a zip

Export tool for Theme template

So, you have changed style, font, colors, and all that jazz and you want to save everything you’ve done. When you already have created your theme template just Export it and install it on any WordPress website. In the top right corner just click Options > Export and all your template customizations will be in a zip file.

This export tool is still under development, but we are sure that the bright future of this feature is nearby.

New Color Settings

New Color Settings in WordPress 6.0

New Design Tools

Speaking of tools, WordPress 6.0 streamlines the editing process by bringing to order setting bars like Border and Color Settings which are moved under the Tools Panel and have a new simple design. Тhis update saves space and at the same time, you can easily expand the panels when needed.

You can enjoy new transparency levels of colors so you can create a better appearance for your content. The gallery can be a delight for the eye too with the new Block Spacing Control which lets you customize the gaps between images in the Gallery block.

Another benefit of the new WordPress is that you have more opportunities to control and change the format because the Group, Stack, and Row blocks already support Typography settings. Only select the blocks you want to edit and choose one of the three options in the block toolbar. With a single click, you can Group blocks and switch Row or Stack. Simple as that!

Although WordPress has always been easy to use, this new update makes it even easier, and the time for you to create your own website is better than ever. What is more, you can do so, with our no-strings-attached free hosting plan.

The new template options for block themes

The new template options for block themes

Five New Template Options for Block Themes

Author, Date, Categories, Tag, and Taxonomy are the five new template options and they can be used to streamline your site editing and give you more flexibility to create content. You can now easily pick the desired one from the Add New drop-down list, add it, and see how it looks.

Featured Image to Cover block

Featured Image to Cover block

Enhancement Blocks and New Core Blocks

WordPress’ new version has several updates when it comes to the existing Blocks.

The Navigation Block has a more user-friendly interface and rich preview. There are some new tools for theme building and options which you can apply to the additional templates so you can improve your experience. For instance, try to use Featured images for the Cover block.

The Query Loop block includes a new Filters settings section where you can find posts by multiple authors and see if there are no results. It’s also possible to set Featured Image dimensions inside a Query Loop block.

Furthermore, the list of available core blocks is expanding and now you can find all core blocks included in the Gutenberg plugin in Block Editor Handbook.

Featured Image to Cover block

Featured Image to Cover block

Writing Improvements

Speaking of Blocks, there are some writing improvements connected to them. Social Icons and tag clouds are with updated settings and controls, plus the tag has even a new outline style.

One of the great new writing improvements of the latest WordPress version is the new shortcut for adding internal links and having quick access to all posts and pages just by typing [[.

Now you can even select text across multiple blocks and edit it in one go. Also, you can keep the style you applied to some blocks and new buttons.

New expanded List View

New expanded List View

Expanded List View

With “Arturo” the block is automatically highlighted in the List View when you hover over it in the editor. You can even select multiple blocks from the list view and change their position.

Block Locking Controls

Block Locking Controls

UI Block Locking Controls

If you want to play with different blocks feel free to let your imagination run wild without being scared of breaking anything. Just open the new Lock option in the More Settings (three dots) menu and restrict moving and/or deleting blocks.

Related: Learn more about Block Locking in WordPress 6.0.

Why Should You Update to WordPress 6.0?

Simply because it’s a nice upgrade. As we said in the beginning, the new version of WordPress comes with more than 500 improvements, 400 fixed bugs, and way more edit options. If you want to benefit from the enhanced performance, you should update your WordPress site to the latest version.

The update is also important for your site protection. Since WordPress is the most popular platform on the web, it is a common target and that is why we highly recommend keeping it up to date.

NB! But first, remember to Back up!


We just sketched only a few of the novelties of WordPress 6.0, so if you want to see the full picture just try the WordPress 6.0, and maybe you will find features that are way more important for you as a website owner. Read more in the WordPress 6.0 Field Guide or check out our WordPress Tutorials section to enhance your WordPress knowledge.

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