A brand new website was launched. Yet, AwardSpace still stands behind its core values.  We are striving to be a reliable partner to you – our customers. We’ve introduced purposeful services like WordPress Hosting, and of course the complimentary WordPress tutorials.
We aim to preserve our image of a reliable partner in the long term.  Thus, we are still making effort in being better, and support you – our audience – in making your way to success!

In all our efforts in the past 10 years we’ve been committed to encouraging the entrepreneurial spirit in people, both in our employees and our clients. While our free hosting helped over one million people around the world to start their online presence with no investment, as of today we are aware, our free hosting plan was somewhat limiting for people who wanted to play around and experiment before committing to a premium service.

In an effort to remove that obstacle, we increased the disk space with 400% and the allowed file size with 700%, so everyone can create a functioning website, for free.

All Hosting services are now managed by a new version of the Control Panel. The new release aims to simplify the user interface, add functionality and create a better user experience. The main changes in this new version are mainly in the new Domain Manager section, which combines the old Domain Manager section + all the features from the Domain Control Panel and the old Subdomain Manager section. A Dashboard is introduced where you can drag and drop your most often used sections of the panel. The new version has entirely new skin and 3 color themes: red, blue and grey.

Offering services ranging from free hosting to a VPS Server we felt that there is a missing link between shared premium hosting plans and Virtual Servers. While the first is suitable for sites with low to middle volumes of traffic and modest overall load, VPSs are quite sophisticated and sometimes just too expensive to some customers. This inspired our team to create a middle-range service, we called Semi-Dedicated Hosting. By its nature it is like shared hosting but with much less clients per server which offers better RAM, CPU and MySQL database performance and allows more customization than shared hosting while avoiding the complexity of a VPS.

Virtual Private Servers, also called VPS Hosting are available on Awardspace since 2009. Our VPSs are powered by the XEN virtualization technology – each server has its own OS and ability to be rebooted and customized according to the preferences of every specific client. Our VPSs are equipped with our proprietary shared hosting Control Panel making the process of managing a server very user friendly.

Around 2005 – 2006, Content Management Systems (a.k.a. CMSs) comprised 99% of the hosted websites on our servers. Content Management Systems like Joomla and WordPress were becoming more commonly used for managing newsletters, digital marketing tools, online shopping carts etc. All these systems needed hosting to become live but it was hard for some users to set them up. Our solution was to implement an automated installation of various CMSs for our customers as a time saver and a convenience. While many hosting providers were using third party platforms for installation of their clients’ CMSs we developed our own, called Zacky Tools Installer named after the nickname of the person in the company who implemented this feature.

The Zacky App Installer in its full version is available only to premium customers and offers only Joomla and WordPress automatic installations to the free hosting users.

When we were creating the concept of ResellerCluster, we wanted the program to offer a complete solution for everybody to start a hosting company. The target group of resellers was all webmasters or other online geeks that can build traffic to their reseller website or already have a brand and a website and are looking for opportunities how to complement their services and further monetize their traffic.

ResellerCluster became a pioneer in the field of offering the opportunity for resellers to capture the value of providing free web hosting – a great marketing model that was later on coined as the freemium model of marketing. Take a moment to visit our free reseller hosting website to learn more.

Pioneering in the free web hosting segment is an incredible opportunity as it comes with a great community of webmasters sharing their thoughts, stories and recommendations. Having to consider how we would evolve in the future we knew that Awardspace had to have a reseller hosting service. Conventional reseller hosting services (paid upfront) however were contradicting with our mission to provide free services primarily and deliver premium paid service only to those that have grown and can afford it.

It was only logical that we would like to launch a reseller hosting service only if it is free for our resellers and on their side they could deliver free web hosting services to their clients. The idea was that everybody that wanted to become a reseller could create their own free web hosting service like Awardspace.com and this is how the concept for ResellerCluster was born.

Being in the position of one of the top 10 free web hosting providers in the world is wonderful and at the same time a great commitment to our users and their needs. Free web hosting was a fabulous opportunity for everybody to start their online presence, however was insufficient for the ones that had become webmasters or had e-commerce websites with hundreds of thousands visitors. In 2005 we launched our first premium service, which was a premium shared hosting service – featuring 3 web hosting plans for the increasing needs of our free users.

Apart of the news for premium service being a fact, what most pleased our users was the seamless and automatic account upgrade process from a free hosting account to a premium hosting account and server, without a manual migration process and no downtime whatsoever.

AWARDSPACE.COM was launched providing free LAMP hosting without banner ads injection on users’ pages. The demand for such service was immense and it became byword for providing free php and MySQL hosting with no banners and no expiration date. The company was founded by pooling together the extensive expertise and knowledge of its two mother companies Zetta Hosting Solutions ltd. and AttractSoft GmbH. Zetta Hosting Solutions ltd. is a company founded in 2002 as a hosting development company providing Free HTML Hosting and AttractSoft GmbH is a Germany-based company that has become a leader in the field of software development and software outsourcing.