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How to Create Your Logo if You are Just Starting Your Online Business

by | September 4, 2018

Create Your Logo

Starting an online business, creating your website or starting a personal blog is very exciting and comes with a lot of responsibilities. But as well as the free web hosting or Shared hosting one, budget plans, and business ideas, you need to think about the online presence in the face of how to create your logo, name, and design.

For sure you can change them later if you grow your business and expand your entrepreneurial views, but that should be your last choice.

When you are at the beginning of creating something valuable for you, try and think about that ahead of it. When you are thinking of your business plan, set aside time to create your logo too.

It will be your signature and it will stay in people’s minds forever. Okay, forever is a strong word. But if you are the next Nike company? Just do it, right?

Let’s Start!

Create Your Logo

Creating a Business Website raises a lot of questions. Creating a logo is just one of them, but as important as the rest.

As I pointed out, there is a big chance this logo will have a long life considering everything with your business goes well. So, it’s best if it’s created by a designer. Due to their professional experience, they can create your logo in the best possible way.

But also considering you are just starting and your budget is not that great, you will probably have to do it yourself.

Not everyone is good with colors and design (honestly, I am talking about me) but thankfully there are a few points you need to check to make sure you create a good enough logo. I will share them just below. Before that, here is one of the most frequently asked questions by people just starting their online business.

Is the Name of Your Business a Possible Logo?

The name of your business is not a logo. Maybe if you put it in a graphic, create it in a way that’s not only words, yes. But you need to do it and then make sure you always use this particular font, color and looks.

It’s actually how a lot of just starting companies are doing it. After you are ready with it, you will always use the same image. And speaking of images, here is How to Find Free Images Online, because you for sure will need them for your website.

If you are a blogger and want to use your name only, then again use it always the same way. However, it’s always going to be your name and it should have a personal look.

Choose a theme color and one that is expressing your personality and the point of your blog. If you want the name to create your logo, make sure you are confident in using it the way it is.

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Check-List to Follow

1. Size matters – your logo should look good in a big and in a small size. You will be using it in different ways, so make sure it’s suitable for all of them.

2. Make it easy – when it comes to creating a logo, it shouldn’t be hard to do. When it has a simple look it’s easy to copy and create. And if your business is actually growing and people are affected by you, they might recreate it and refer to you.

3. Black & White – when you create your logo, look at it in colors and in black and white. Every logo is used as a sketch and it’s not always in the colors of origin. Prepare it in black and white too.

4. Recognizable, memorable and creative – these are a little bit harder to achieve if you don’t have a designer’s eye, so you’ll probably spend more time on this point. Your logo should be connected to your business but also stand out without the context around it. Use all the open-minded creativity you can. Create something beautiful and interesting.

5. Not necessarily – you can use your initials. If you can’t think of something extraordinary, you can always use the first letters of your name or company. Just like LG created the face with their initials, or just think of an interesting font and design to show them.

Create Your Logo

Create Your Logo

You can now put your ideas into action. The best programs for designing a logo are Photoshop and Illustrator. If you haven’t worked with them, there are a lot of online tutorials on how to do it. Or if you are in a hurry, thankfully, the Internet has presented us a few free online programs we can use.

One of them is Canva. It’s easy to use and you can create social media content, there are templates for infographics and a lot more choices. To create a logo is also one of them.

I am sharing with you some of the Top Logo Design Resources and hopefully, they will be useful for you and the start of your business.

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