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Choose from the Best WordPress Themes for Photographers

by | May 16, 2019

Being a photographer without a website these days is a business-killer. Working in studios and trusting people’s recommendation for future customers is nice, but if you want to grow wild, significant, and succeed – you need a website. And you already know that that’s why you are here, right?

To create a website could be an easy thing to do if you have the proper tools. And by this, I mean great website hosting services and the best WordPress themes for photographers. There are hundreds of themes that are amazing and designed for showcasing photographers’ work. However, you need to choose what is most convenient for your needs. That’s why we’ll show you what we found to be the best.

What to Look for?

Before we start with the themes and their advantages, let’s talk about what a photographer needs to have on their website and how can photos be presented in a significant way.

Standard websites have a home page, product/service page, contact, and any other extra pages that strengthen the look and power of a site. A photographer’s online portfolio may have a static showcase, galleries, slides, interactive gateway for working with clients, store for selling prints or other products, and preferably a blog.

Photographer’s tasks take time to be precise, to create the desired work, to edit it, etc. That’s why they need their time to do it. Creating their website should be easy and as less as possible time-consuming. The best WordPress themes for photographers should be responsive, user-friendly, with a lot of design and layout options, and of course, specialized tools that meet expectations and desires.

1. Photography

WordPress Theme for Photographers

The most popular theme among professionals is called… Photography, a big surprise. But with being the best-selling one and the most starred, it is probably the most convenient for you. It provides a chance to create a top-notch site in the field. It comes with a lot of features, 70 pre-designed galleries and templates, thumbnail hover effects, password protection, photo proofing, client archive page, and customer protection.

The theme also provides direct purchase links on the images if someone wants to buy it. This is great if you are evolving. As well as that the photos are protected so that you don’t get into a position you didn’t want to.

2. Simplicity

WordPress Theme for Photographers

Most websites that photographers create – professional or amateur, are starting with a home page that is a full-width image. It’s common but not negative because even though most of them do it, it is stunning and appealing. Simplicity also has excellent options for that, and it indeed looks fantastic.

The theme has similar to Apple design – displaying very few until asked for more. There is the so-called hamburger button which by clicking on shows the menu. This is perfect for underlining the photo that is positioned on your home page.

Furthermore, this theme has many features, templates, and options, as well as responsiveness. It has excellent blog post layouts and galleries that support full-width slideshows.

3. Oshine

WordPress Theme for Photographers

Oshine is suitable for not only for photographers but also artistic freelancers, creative agencies, or other artists. The WordPress theme comes with a visual page builder, which may seem like a kid’s game, but it’s also highly intuitive and creates a page fast and thoroughly. There are over 100 pre-built sample pages which can be installed and used with a simple click. Websites created with Oshine shine professionalism, perfection, modern style, and stunning slides.

Furthermore, it allows unlimited layout possibilities, slideshow effects, control over typography and colors, as well as the fully customizable design. Needless to say, it is an excellent choice for a photographer to create his or her website and present their work.

4. Uncode

WordPress Theme for Photographers

Uncode is one of the best-selling themes for WordPress. Its price is convenient, and the features it has are well worth it. Its drag and drop function provides fast working with creating the pages and eases the process of building a website. Uncode has many plugins and layouts as the themes mention so far, due to our selection of the best WordPress themes for photographers, it’s clear that there would be similarities.

But just a quick addition to the theme that you should take into consideration is that it requires a memory limit to at least 64MB. Of course, with getting WordPress Hosting at AwardSpace, you won’t have to worry about the PHP memory as it is 256MB and Uncode works perfectly.

5. Jevelin

WordPress Theme for Photographers

This is a responsive theme for photographers that can come across numerous layouts and add a modern and beautiful touch to their website. It offers customizable animations, slider options, high-resolution photographs displayed in a variety of sizes, great looking galleries, and much more.

Photography themes have a lot in common but are still different in their desire to meet the diverse needs of the professionals. And no matter how far you have come – are you just starting, are you creating more of a blog than a portfolio, are you interested in getting more clients – you still need to find the best theme for you. Jevelin supports everyone’s goals and showcases the best images of yours. It’s also suitable for any budget.

To Conclude

These five WordPress themes above are all fantastic for photographers that want to present their work and start or grow their business like professionals. Everyone has his touch on how to show photographs, and that’s why these themes offer a great variety of options that will help everyone customize and create what they desire.

Don’t forget to think about what your website visitors would be happy to see. Pick carefully what you will show, how you will do it, and have a plan about what you want to achieve in the long term.

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