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9 Amazing Website Copywriting Tips for a Great Start

by | January 22, 2019

In business when you have an office and hire salesmen, or you are one, people are won by how you present yourself. How you position your brand, how you attract with your goals and persuasion. However, when you have a website, what is written there speaks for you. Your pages are your salesmen!

How long people will stay on them, will they go from one to another, will they click – all of this depends on your website copywriting and of course, your future success depends on it too.

So, if you are still a beginner in the website world and you just got your website hosting, then you are going to need some tips. Learn how to present your information in the best possible way.

Be Personal

Let’s start with the basic. Whatever it is that you are going to tell your website viewers, you have to know who you are talking to. So, before you start filling the blank pages, think about your audience segmentation.

What people will visit your website, what interests they’ll have, what language you should speak to them with? All that and similar questions need to be acknowledged first. You will then not only achieve your goals but make it easier for yourself when deciding what and how to say something.

Start with the Most Important

People don’t read everything on a website. Admit it, you don’t do it either. So, you have to know that the most important part of what you want to say should be at the beginning of a page. In a headline, subheading or in the first few sentences.

In the newspapers, for example, you have bolded words, a bigger font on some of them, or whatever else it is to point out the meaningfulness they bring. It has to be the same on your website. Start with the most valuable you have to say and then mark the rest of the important parts.

Easy to Skim

When you realize how people read you will soon notice they also skim. And this is your next bullet point. Make sure to structure your pages in a way that they will see what they have to, they will pay attention to the important content and your website copywriting will help them, and help you.

When you combine the easy to skim website copywriting with pointing out the most essential sentences in the beginning, then for all the users on your website will be easier to be pointed in the direction you want. Don’t forget it is a salesman online and it has to talk to them.

Powerful Headlines

And while we are talking about that, let me say a few words about the headlines themselves. This is something you can be sure will be read and taken into consideration. It’s your chance to be understood and this can only happen if you use simple words, not too long sentences, and be as clear as you can be. There is no room for misunderstanding or no understanding at all. Leave the fancy words for your content if you love them so much.

Headlines should be powerful and say almost everything with just a few words, but still, leave room for curiosity. Website copywriting is something to be considered carefully and there are rules about those powerful headlines. Such as trying to avoid talking about you and talking about your users, creating a sense of urgency, avoid negativity. But oh, wait. We’ll talk about all this now!

Have a Structure

Let’s start with the structure of your pages and your website. How you will build it, of course,e has to be pursuant with the website design. However, you need to have headlines, subheadings, bullet points, and call to action buttons.

Your sentences shouldn’t be too long – if you can put a point and continue with a capital letter – just do it. And to give you more orientation – try to keep them less than 16 words. All this is crucial to the final look and impact. Furthermore, it will have the influence you want.

Avoid Negativity

People say I am a positive person but trust me, that’s not why I’ll say what I am about to say. In Seth Stephens-Davidowitz’s book “Everybody Lies: Big Data, New Data, and What the Internet Can Tell Us About Who We Really Are” he shows studies of how much more people want to read positive content on the internet. The book itself is about searches in the engines and he comes to conclusion based on what people search. Apparently, they search for positivity.

That’s only a glimpse of the reasons why you need to focus on less negativity. When you talk to people in positive sentences, they tend to rely more on what you are saying.

For example, say:

With our free website hosting you will be completely ad-free!

Instead of:

You won’t have ads and absolutely no annoying messages.

You will be saying the same thing and that’s just a short example, but positive lines speak better to people than the negative ones.

Sense of Urgency

Here is another important tip! Creating a sense of urgency is one of the best working website copywriting. It doesn’t really matter what you’re presenting, people won’t increase their interest that much if you don’t know how to trigger them.

One way and I have to say one very effective way, is telling them how much time they have, or don’t. Also trying to find a way to say they have to do it now, but with words, they won’t expect. Be creative, this is your time to catch them.

Tell a Story

What’s your story? That’s what we’re asking you at AwardSpace. We want to know what voice you have and what you want to use it for. And then we provide you the actual online space to do it. To turn your ideas, desires, and dreams into websites.

To be good at website copywriting you have to make sure you’re a storyteller. You can do it on each page separately, you can combine them all, or do it in your Facebook posts, in your blog posts, or whatever you decide.

Edit, Final Look, and Go!

At the final line of your journey don’t rush into crossing the flag. First of all, go through all the content you have and edit it. Even if you think you don’t make mistakes, read every text at least three times to be sure you said everything correctly and how it’s supposed to be.

After you finish with editing and reading it for the last time to be sure it’s as perfect as it could be, release it! Own it! Be great, succeed, and grow. We will be there every step of the way.

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