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Does my Website Need a Blog Page? Why and What to Include.

by | March 13, 2019


Making a website from scratch has developed through the years in many ways and has evolved to a matter where its necessary to have in mind a lot of considerations. At first, people created websites to share with people what their business is about. They didn’t have to overthink about SEO, about attracting in creative ways new users and potential customers. Just, they believed their work of field was good, and it was pretty much enough to drive traffic.

But as marketing grows the needs of attraction do too. Now, you need to be extraordinary. You need to offer something your competition doesn’t. Not only that, but you also need to impress Google! It’s so smart that you don’t just have to provide content, links, or other SEO friendly value, but you need to deliver some really good user experience.

One way to do that? Add a blog page that brings color to everything you do and makes sense to your work. But you might now ask “Is particularly my business in the need of a blog page?”. Let’s see if any work of field is suitable for that.

Does my Website Need a Blog Page?

If you are wondering whether your website needs a blog page, then I am wondering what’s the reason you think you don’t? A lot of people consider that some particular businesses don’t need a blog or even they could not have content to fill it. But the truth is you can always figure out some kind of content to fill it and not just empty words, but tips for users, ideas, thoughts, games, anything really.

A blog page doesn’t have to consist of the official language of a serious business website. It’s a place where you talk to your users using their voice, starting conversations, sharing insights and useful information. Furthermore, it’s a way for you to create a bond that is essential to your success. It is also surely easy to add a blog page using free web hosting services or paid and any CMS or website builder.

What else is an advantage to creating a blog page? Look at these 3 reasons and decide for yourself if you… need one.

3 Reasons a Blog Page Will Help Your Business

Improves SEO

The first and really important reason I’ll share with is the one that you should really think about. To be completely honest, it’s the reason most brands start blogs. As I mentioned in the beginning, with the growth of the website world, it has become even more difficult to rank on Google and to be on the first places in the SERP.

However, creating a blog page and sharing different kinds of content using product keywords is just loved by Google. It’s user-friendly, it’s understandable language, it’s links, keywords, and so much more. Keep in mind that Google ranks separate pages, not websites. So, you can use your blog page and posts to link important pages to push their value.

Not only that but also you use longtail keywords for blog posts which is really valuable for new users. They don’t have the high volume of your product keywords, but they reach specific and really targeted group of people that land on your website, stay there and take care of your traffic, bounce rate, conversions and everything else that works well for you.

Brand Improvement and Authority Boost

Adding a blog page to your website works great for your brand in general. Combining the social media presence and value with the great appreciation from Google, it leads to great brand growth. With time people will know what information, tip, or thoughts they can find on your blog page and soon it will naturally lead them to search it.

You will be known for your useful content on one hand and they will search for you, share your posts and attract other related users.

Furthermore, as pointed in the beginning the fact that Google ranks one page separately leads to even more advantages for you. Ranking for different longtail keywords boosts your website authority. And as high it is, as high will your website appear on your important product keywords. That’s definitely something you should appreciate.

blog page

Social Media Visibility

Except for Google, your customers will love it too! Having a blog page and being there for them is highly appreciated. When you share your blog posts in social media, it boosts your website traffic a lot! Brings new audiences, expands target groups and future clients.

Sharing new, fresh, interesting, and useful content intrigues more and more people. Most of it even starts conversations – people comment, share, they talk. It’s a great brand opportunity to make your website more visible and recognizable.

What Do I Include in It?

You must by now be convinced that adding a blog page to your website is just going to bring positive outcomes for you. Now, the next question appears – what should you include in it to make it valuable and what if your niche of business is not so easy to be placed in a blog.

How to create a successful blog is by all means demanding sense and out of the box thinking. You can use copywriting tips or…

Here are some ideas!

  • Successful stories of satisfied customers or people that used your services and got results worth sharing.
  • Give pieces of advice about your business, answer questions, share guidelines.
  • Write inspiring stories or topics that are pushing people’s interests.
  • Share insights, what not to do, some backstage thoughts.
  • Give examples of what is happening in the process of your services or products.
  • Share recipes, plans, templates, promo codes – things people can actually use for their satisfaction.
  • Give updates, share information about employees that is GDPR safe but also interesting, make showcases.
  • Recap events or related services and products.
  • Write about your niche of business news and thoughts.
  • Interview someone valuable for your line of work.
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